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What are some of the best offline marketing ideas?

What are some of the best offline marketing ideas? [Infographic]

Whether you’re an established business or a new start-up, offline marketing can be a vital element of your company’s overall strategy. Indeed, there are tried and tested methods that have been used by businesses to promote their products and services for many years, from business cards and flyers to keyrings and mugs. Read on to find out what are some of the best offline marketing ideas.

What are some of the best offline marketing ideas? [Infographic]

Top offline marketing methods 

Offline marketing refers to any advertising that is carried out using traditional offline media. This could include channels such as TV, radio, print, promotional items, and in-person events. In this day and age, it stands to reason that offline marketing is usually built to support and supplement online marketing efforts. Keep reading to discover what are some of the best offline marketing ideas.

Business cardsBusiness Cards in grimsby

Business cards are highly effective marketing tools. Since a great business card will rarely get thrown away, you can expect it to work hard for you several weeks or even months after being handed out. Business cards are also a lot more personal than online marketing methods such as email. Whatever stage your company is at, it makes sense to invest in high-quality businesses cards for you and your staff. Always keep them handy as you never know when you might need them.


Many people wonder if flyers are still a useful marketing tool in 2021. The answer is yes! There is certainly still a place for the humble flyer in your marketing arsenal. Recent studies have shown that flyer printing has positive effects on businesses of all sizes. They can raise awareness of your product or services, event or promotion, reinforcing your brand in the minds of your customers. They are a very affordable marketing method too, making them ideal for businesses with a wide range of budgets.


Personalised give away pens Grimsby

Pens are one of the best promotional items for businesses of all sizes. This is because they last a long time, offering multiple advertising opportunities. As long as there’s ink in a pen, it can continue promoting your brand. The more a person uses the pen, the more your brand will stick in their mind. They’ll become familiar with your company, even if they don’t even realise it at first. Whenever they come to need a product or service you provide, they’ll think of your business. 

Diaries and calendars

Other promotional items worth their weight in gold are diaries and calendars. Many business owners assume that these items have lost their value in this digital age, however, that’s not the case. Studies show that many businesses are still using them to promote their brands in 2021. The truth is that many people still rely on paper-based tools like these to organise their schedules or remember key dates. This not only makes them very useful for the recipient, which means they’ll be appreciated, but they will also be seen repeatedly.  


Keyrings have been used by businesses for many years. As highly effective promotional items, they allow you to showcase your brand to your customers in an easy and affordable manner. Like diaries and calendars, keyrings are extremely useful items that are almost guaranteed to get used at some point. It makes sense to invest in key chains made from high-quality materials since they will last longer and people will be more likely to use them. Keyrings are really easy to distribute too, making them one of the convenient promotional tools for businesses.


Branded mugs can seriously boost your marketing efforts, giving you maximum exposure for minimum outlay. According to studies, the average mug will be used a staggering 2,000 times throughout its life cycle. This means that each mug can offer your company over 2,000 opportunities to promote your brand. Adding promotional mugs to your next marketing campaign is easy. Simply contact Banaman and ask about our branded mugs for businesses.

Water bottles 

With more of us glugging water on the go, promotional water bottles are becoming popular with businesses. Water bottles provide a fantastic alternative to plastic bottles since they’re not just more eco-friendly but also allow you to advertise your company whilst people use them. They are the ideal way to say ‘thanks’ for your custom as well as allow you to benefit from some valuable brand awareness.  

Network your way to success 

Networking should be a key part of any business’s offline marketing strategy. Companies of all sizes can benefit from meeting new contacts and sharing information. Attend relevant business activities in your town or city and reach out to those people to who you think you could benefit from talking. You’ll find that many meetings and events are now held remotely, which means you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your home to benefit from networking opportunities in your area.

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Importance of Colour in Marketing Materials

Colour is an important part of online marketing. If your logo has intense colours such as yellow or red, it announces something to the customer. When you create the perfect logo, make sure you pay particular attention to the colours you use. To analyse human behaviour more closely, extensive research has revealed that predicting customer response to colour appropriateness is much more important than the actual colour itself.

According to the recent studies on picking the right colours, personal experiences, cultural differences, and context were all found to have an effect on consumers. So when you want to evoke some sort of emotion in your readers, you may choose purple or yellow for your brand.

The role colours play in branding

When it comes to branding, one of the most important issues tend to relate to colour branding. For years, psychologists have been studying the link between colours and brand identity. Their studies revealed that our brains prefer unique brands so if everyone else is using blue, you may want to stand out by using purple.

To create a successful brand, you must use the right emotion, mood, and image. Start by identifying which colours are appropriate for matching your brand’s desired personality. For example, if your website is of simple design, you may consider white; however, selecting one colour over the other doesn’t always make people buy the product more often.

People most often believe that the most popular colours (black, white, and gray) work better than the rest. But according to research, purple is just as powerful. For instance, using colour increases brand recognition by up to 60 per cent, improves readability as much as 50 per cent, and increases response by 70 per cent. Some brands tend to work better with their colour schemes even if their company names aren’t visible.


The link between colour coordination and conversions

If you are debating whether there is a single best colour for conversion rates on websites, you’ll be surprised to hear that this theory has already been debunked. The Isolation Effect (a psychological principle) states that a product standing out over the others is more likely to be remembered than its text or image colour.

Some marketers found that when they changed the purchase button to red, their conversions boosted by 20 per cent. But this doesn’t mean that the colour red prompts people to take action. It can be incorporated with a green background in order to complement each other and blend in with the surroundings.

Another example is when you use black and white rather than grey, you are in fact creating a tone. You may often hear people saying that a colour is too intense so they add black and white in different amounts in order to lessen the intensity. When picking colours for your website, make sure you carry out a little test. There is no way of knowing how your audience will respond to your chosen colours in the content page and the layout within, but by testing different colour combinations, you can generate the most traffic to your website as well as determine what works and what doesn’t.

Banaman are specialists in providing high quality promotional materials and printing for businesses of all sizes. If you would like to know more, please get in touch with us today.

Grab Attention and Attract Customers when Giving Out Flyers

Distributing hundreds or even thousands of flyers can be a daunting task. How you deliver your flyers is just as important as what’s contained therein. The last thing you want to do is to be seen by people like you are pestering them. Here are a few cheap, easy, convenient and professional methods you can use to distribute your flyers.



Visit several cafés with your flyers. Ask the café’s staff if you can leave some flyers on the special leaflet section, on the tables, or worktops. Plenty of people visit cafés when they go out shopping or during lunch breaks; so this is a great place to leave your flyers. The café owners might be more willing to let you leave your flyers in their property if you include some coupons for their cafés in your flyers. People in a café are usually in a relaxed mood and are much more likely to read the contents of the flyers. Distributing your flyers through cafes can save you a lot of legwork and time.



You can use newspapers as an effective means to get your flyers to reach a wide network of people quickly, especially during winter months. Just call your local newspaper and request them to include your flyers in their newspapers as inserts or preprints of FSIs. Depending on what your flyers are intended for, some newspapers might agree to do this for free or might charge you a small fee for the service. This is a highly effective method too because everybody who buys the newspapers gets to see the flyers. Moreover, people trust newspapers as sources of information and this can give your flyers a lot of credibility.

  1. Giving Free Handouts With Your Flyers

You should consider giving away small promotional items for free along with your flyers. These can be small ticket items such as sweets, candy, fresh food, and others. This method works well when you are handing out flyers directly to your target group.

  1. Put Up A Demo

A good way to attract throngs of people is by putting up a demo then handing out your fliers to the attendants. The demo can be a musical, martial arts or anything that will pique the curiosity of passers by and make them want to stop and watch. If your target group is little kids, you can wear a fancy costume and mask.

  1. Use your Local School, Business, or Local Organisation

There is nothing like a strong local presence for a young relatively unknown business. If you need to distribute some business flyers to the local community after you open a new business, visit your local school, organisation or even church and distribute your flyers there. You can use the local college or university students to help you distribute the flyers for a small fee. There is a small notice board in each school where you can advertise your job and hire several college or university students. This method is often more effective than using street teams. Your hired team can also do some door-to-door distribution far more effectively than you can manage on your own.

By using a little imagination, you can distribute a large volume of flyers within a very short time. Many people try to distribute their flyers by visiting car parks and sticking them underneath car wipers. This method, however, is far from ideal because doing this is essentially trespassing on somebody else’s property.

Banaman are specialists in the printing and supply of superb promotional items for any business, from flyers to t-shirts. For more information, get in touch with us today.


5 Bizarre Promotions That Worked

Making sure you stand out from your competitors when you are marketing your company is an huge challenge with no set formula for success. There are a seemingly endless number of ways you can choose to market your business, whether you are a fledgling start-up company or a well-established organisation. This article will look at some of the more leftfield marketing campaigns that have yielded results for businesses.

Heineken – Walk-In Fridge

What started off as viral video online in 2009 soon came to life as Heineken took their walk-in fridge idea to beer festivals and allowed people to re-create the video. By taking a viral idea and making it a reality, Heineken brought their brand to their customers and gained new ones, providing an immersive and successful marketing experience.

Target Lightshow

American retail giant Target illuminated the streets of New York with a fantastic lightshow. Renting street-facing rooms in the Standard Hotel in New York, Target opened the curtains revealing dancers in luminous suits who were accompanied by a soundtrack from DJ Sam Spiegel and a vibrant catalogue of lights. The campaign reached 3,000 people on street level and yielded 12.6 million Google hits.

Global Warming Awareness Campaign

A campaign to raise awareness of a serious cause was devised by Offsetters, an organisation specialising in helping companies cut their carbon emissions. They suspended life-rafts on the side of high rise buildings in the city, set up ‘lifeguard on duty’ signs and put lifeguards ‘on duty’ in parks. All of this was to highlight the effect that global warming could have on our cities should we not take care of the environment. The resulting coverage in countless media outlets and blogs meant that their campaign reached a huge amount of people, helping to spread their message.

FM 96.3 – Free Air Guitar

While giving away real guitars for free would cost an eye-watering amount of money, Glasgow radio station FM 96.3 came up with a novel alternative that helped put their name on the map. By setting up empty guitar racks with a ‘free air guitar’ sign, the station helped promote their rock ‘n’ roll theme and inform rock fans of the new station. At very little cost, FM 96.3 gained a lot of coverage on blogs and social media.

MINI’s Porsche Challenge

In 2010, car manufacturer MINI, owned by BMW, challenged German car giant Porsche to a race via YouTube. While Porsche did not ultimately accept the challenge, the video soon went viral, and Japanese manufacturer Hyundai got involved in the act. The stunt generated thousands of views and hundreds of blog posts from industry writers, creating valuable publicity for MINI and, perhaps most importantly, Hyundai, the smaller manufacturer of the three.

Banaman are specialists in providing excellent promotional materials and printing services for business of all sizes. Whether you need 10 branded t-shirts or 500 branded pens, we have the skill and dedication to give you the best possible service.


5 of the Best Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns

Marketing campaigns can take on many forms, each one with varying degrees of success for the company it is employed by. The best marketing campaigns capture the attention and imagination of potential customers by using a mixture of originality, creativity and information – a lot of businesses have turned to ‘guerrilla’ campaigns to further their brand. Guerrilla campaigns are ones that break from the traditional mould of slick, polished, advertising and use a more unconventional slant.


US telecoms giant Cingular came up with a novel and very creative way to promote their services to potential customers. The Times Square billboard depicts the question ‘Hate Dropped Calls?’, but the ‘calls’ section has ‘fallen’ to the street below, creating an artistic and quirky way of recruiting new business.


Tyre company Goodyear created perhaps the most infamous guerrilla marketing campaign when they adorned a huge blimp with their logo and took to the skies, creating some unmissable promotion for passers-by. The original blimp was created in 1911, before Goodyear introduced The Pilgrim, its own blimp, in 1925. There are currently three blimps in use in the United States, a testament to the effectiveness of the century-old innovation.


Nike utilised some urban destruction for one of their marketing campaigns, known as the ‘crashed ball’. The giant version of their 2005 official matchball, the Total 90 Aerow, had seemingly crashed into buildings across the UK, apparantly destroying the structures in the process. The installations were created with the help of Altitec.

Tent City

A guerrilla marketing campaign with a twist – this was not designed to promote a product, or a business, but a problem within Paris. Developed by Medecins du Monde, the project was aimed at highlighting the huge housing problem in Paris by distributing hundreds of tents to the city’s homeless people, who then set up the tents around some of the French capital’s most famous landmarks. The project was a huge success, with the French government holding an impromptu meeting where it was decided that $10 million would be allocated for emergency housing in the city.

Red Bull

An incredibly successful marketing campaign, and a live-action one at that, Red Bull’s ‘pitstop’ installation in Times Square, New York, was a superb and innovative idea that captured the attention of everyone who saw it. It involved a team of engineers performing a rapid wheel change on a Nascar vehicle emblazoned with the Red Bull logo.

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Top Tips for Promotional Printing in Different Formats

Whether you’re printing new staff uniforms, banners for a promotional event or an informational brochure about your services, high quality printed promotional products will boost your corporate identity, helping your company brand to be more memorable.

If your printed promotional products are not of a high quality however, they will have the opposite effect. Badly formatted graphics or text will look shoddy, unprofessional and unattractive to potential customers. So it is essential that you format any design correctly to get the best possible results when the information is printed.

Text File Formatting

If you are printing products that are solely text-based, you must remember that not all fonts and effects are available in every programme. If your printer’s equipment doesn’t support your chosen font, it may convert it to one that doesn’t suit your design or layout, creating a substandard product.

Artwork and Graphic Formatting

Formatting artwork for printing has 2 main issues: recreating the colours effectively, and upholding the quality of the graphics.

The key to producing high quality promotional printing is to prepare your designs carefully, choosing the perfect formats that will allow your artwork, graphics and fonts to be reproduced precisely and meticulously.

For more information about getting the most from your printed promotional products, and ensuring you make a great impression on clients, potential customers and competitors – simply contact the team at Banaman for expert advice.

Writing a Good Company Tagline

A tag line can be an incredibly useful tool for your business, helping it to stick in the minds of existing customers and grabbing the attention of potential ones. However, coming up with the perfect tagline for your company is much more difficult than it sounds, as you need to find one that is the perfect mix of originality and relevance. This article will look into some tips and advice that will help you create the ideal tagline for your brand.

Simplicity is effective

One of the key points to creating a memorable slogan or tagline is simplicity. By using a one-line slogan you can create a phrase that sticks in the mind of those who see it. It can be funny or serious – as long as it’s well worded, succinct and to the point you will have created something that people will remember.

Consider using humour

Using humour to sell your brand can be a wonderful tactic – people will remember taglines that make them laugh just as much as they will remember a powerful, serious slogan. However, humour doesn’t work for all brands – it can detract from the purpose of your business, so make sure that humour and your company or sector work well together before you opt for a joke.

Be honest

Obviously the idea of a tagline is to sell your product or business to consumers, so you need to make it sound as good as possible. However, make sure you stay true to the purpose and quality of your product – don’t make claims that you can’t back up. Claiming your company is the best at something might seem like a smart thing to do, but if you can’t actually prove such a claim then it’s not the best idea for a slogan.

Take your time

It can take many attempts before you come up with a slogan that you feel best represents your business. It can be tempting to use one just for the sake of having a tagline, but just by taking a little extra time to pick your slogan you can reap the rewards. Going over your slogan in stages from the drawing board to the design can help you fine tune the results until you have something you’re truly happy with.

Mention your Purpose

It can help to give those who read your tagline an idea of what it is that you do. It doesn’t have to be a detailed explanation – this is a tagline, after all, it needs to be brief – but if you can think of a succinct way to inform people of your purpose, then you’ll help promote your company even more.

Here at Banaman, we are specialists in the supply of premium quality promotional products. Our expert design team can add your company slogan or logo to a range of items, from t shirts to mugs, ensuring that you have a promotional product that you can be proud of. All our items are available in any quantity, whether you need 50 or 500 of your chosen product, so we are able to cater for both small and large businesses. Get in touch with us today for more information and our friendly team will be more than happy to help.

Branding Everyday Desktop Items

There are a number of reasons why branding the everyday items you see in an office is beneficial to your brand and your workplace. This article will detail the main benefits of this method of promotion, and the best ways to brand your desktop items.

When planning the design of your promotional items and the kinds of items you will use for promotion, consider how often certain items get used in a workplace, and whether they can be useful in a practical sense as well as a promotional sense. Choose items that will be used daily, and make sure that your brand logo is applied in a way that makes the product look professional, rather than just having your company logo on for the sake of it.

In terms of how it can affect your own employees and business, giving your staff promotional items with your company logo on can greatly increase the team spirit and togetherness of a workplace. Similar to a uniform, it reminds staff that they all belong to the same organization, making them feel like a valued member of the team. As the items are desktop items, employees will see or use them every day, so they will constantly have their company logo around them, reinforcing the sense of unity in the workplace.

As well as impacting the way your own staff feel in the workplace, having branded desktop items can also make a great impression on external visitors, whether they are friends of the company or potential clients and customers. If a visitor walks in to your workplace and sees every desk displaying objects branded with your company logo, this will show them the professionalism and commitment to your brand that you possess.

If you are looking for promotional items to give to both existing and potential customers and clients, desktop items are an ideal choice. As mentioned before, these items will be used or seen every day, meaning that whoever you give the item(s) to will be reminded of your company and your brand whenever they use it. Items like pens, pencils, other stationery or mugs are particularly good for this, as more often than not they will be used many times a day.  One of the key factors for any promotional product is the design itself. The appearance of the products will be vital to whether or not it is used. Ensure that your company logo works well when it is scaled down to fit small promotional items, making small changes if necessary while still maintaining the essence of your brand. A professional-looking product will make a great impression on the recipient.

At Banaman, we specialize in providing the highest-quality promotional items for companies of all sizes. We provide a range of items, from key rings and stationery to t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts. Your logo will be printed onto your items by our highly skilled design team, ensuring you, your staff and your clients receive professional standard products at excellent prices.

Using Bags to Promote Your Brand

One of the challenges of running a business is finding new and innovative ways to increase your company’s reputation. There are many ways to do this, with different brands using different promotional methods to help spread the word of their services. One such method is using personalised bags to promote your brand, and this article will detail the benefits of using these bags as a promotional tool.

One of the more obvious benefits of using bags as promotional products is the value for money that they offer. Poly bags are very cheap to produce, and this can be very helpful if you need to offer your promotional items to a large number of recipients. These bags can be very popular with clients as they are extremely helpful in everyday life – they can be used on a daily basis, rather than gathering dust in a cupboard. You will find that if somebody uses your promotional bag every day, your business will soon stick in their minds, and if they or someone they know needs the service that your company offers, you may well be a recommendation.

You don’t have to compromise on aesthetics to promote your brand, either. There is a wide variety of styles to choose from when it comes to promotional bags; from drawstring, sports-style bags to traditional, two handled bags. Certain styles may be more appropriate for different companies – for example, if you are selling sports products, the drawstring sports bags represent the theme of your company and serve a purpose in line with your area of business.

One aspect of promotional bags that is perhaps not shared by other promotional items is the fact that these bags can be seen by thousands of people in the general public every day. If you have a well designed bag, adorned with your company logo which catches the eye of people in the street then they will have seen your brand, and some of those people may be ideal customers for your business.

Here at Banaman, we are very proud of our excellent promotional product service, providing our expertise and knowledge to clients across Grimbsy, Leeds, Doncaster, Sheffield, York and the surrounding areas. Our commitment to providing excellent service at very competitive prices is reflected in the quality of our products; from pens, pencils and hats to mugs and key rings, all available with no minimum order. Our expert team will ensure your company logo is printed on your products to the highest standard, making sure that you can hand out promotional products that reflect the quality of your business.

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