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Grab Attention and Attract Customers when Giving Out Flyers

Distributing hundreds or even thousands of flyers can be a daunting task. How you deliver your flyers is just as important as what’s contained therein. The last thing you want to do is to be seen by people like you are pestering them. Here are a few cheap, easy, convenient and professional methods you can use to distribute your flyers.


  • Visit Cafés


Visit several cafés with your flyers. Ask the café’s staff if you can leave some flyers on the special leaflet section, on the tables, or worktops. Plenty of people visit cafés when they go out shopping or during lunch breaks; so this is a great place to leave your flyers. The café owners might be more willing to let you leave your flyers in their property if you include some coupons for their cafés in your flyers. People in a café are usually in a relaxed mood and are much more likely to read the contents of the flyers. Distributing your flyers through cafes can save you a lot of legwork and time.


  • Use Newspapers


You can use newspapers as an effective means to get your flyers to reach a wide network of people quickly, especially during winter months. Just call your local newspaper and request them to include your flyers in their newspapers as inserts or preprints of FSIs. Depending on what your flyers are intended for, some newspapers might agree to do this for free or might charge you a small fee for the service. This is a highly effective method too because everybody who buys the newspapers gets to see the flyers. Moreover, people trust newspapers as sources of information and this can give your flyers a lot of credibility.

  1. Giving Free Handouts With Your Flyers

You should consider giving away small promotional items for free along with your flyers. These can be small ticket items such as sweets, candy, fresh food, and others. This method works well when you are handing out flyers directly to your target group.

  1. Put Up A Demo

A good way to attract throngs of people is by putting up a demo then handing out your fliers to the attendants. The demo can be a musical, martial arts or anything that will pique the curiosity of passers by and make them want to stop and watch. If your target group is little kids, you can wear a fancy costume and mask.

  1. Use your Local School, Business, or Local Organisation

There is nothing like a strong local presence for a young relatively unknown business. If you need to distribute some business flyers to the local community after you open a new business, visit your local school, organisation or even church and distribute your flyers there. You can use the local college or university students to help you distribute the flyers for a small fee. There is a small notice board in each school where you can advertise your job and hire several college or university students. This method is often more effective than using street teams. Your hired team can also do some door-to-door distribution far more effectively than you can manage on your own.

By using a little imagination, you can distribute a large volume of flyers within a very short time. Many people try to distribute their flyers by visiting car parks and sticking them underneath car wipers. This method, however, is far from ideal because doing this is essentially trespassing on somebody else’s property.

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