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5 of the Best Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns

Marketing campaigns can take on many forms, each one with varying degrees of success for the company it is employed by. The best marketing campaigns capture the attention and imagination of potential customers by using a mixture of originality, creativity and information – a lot of businesses have turned to ‘guerrilla’ campaigns to further their brand. Guerrilla campaigns are ones that break from the traditional mould of slick, polished, advertising and use a more unconventional slant.


US telecoms giant Cingular came up with a novel and very creative way to promote their services to potential customers. The Times Square billboard depicts the question ‘Hate Dropped Calls?’, but the ‘calls’ section has ‘fallen’ to the street below, creating an artistic and quirky way of recruiting new business.


Tyre company Goodyear created perhaps the most infamous guerrilla marketing campaign when they adorned a huge blimp with their logo and took to the skies, creating some unmissable promotion for passers-by. The original blimp was created in 1911, before Goodyear introduced The Pilgrim, its own blimp, in 1925. There are currently three blimps in use in the United States, a testament to the effectiveness of the century-old innovation.


Nike utilised some urban destruction for one of their marketing campaigns, known as the ‘crashed ball’. The giant version of their 2005 official matchball, the Total 90 Aerow, had seemingly crashed into buildings across the UK, apparantly destroying the structures in the process. The installations were created with the help of Altitec.

Tent City

A guerrilla marketing campaign with a twist – this was not designed to promote a product, or a business, but a problem within Paris. Developed by Medecins du Monde, the project was aimed at highlighting the huge housing problem in Paris by distributing hundreds of tents to the city’s homeless people, who then set up the tents around some of the French capital’s most famous landmarks. The project was a huge success, with the French government holding an impromptu meeting where it was decided that $10 million would be allocated for emergency housing in the city.

Red Bull

An incredibly successful marketing campaign, and a live-action one at that, Red Bull’s ‘pitstop’ installation in Times Square, New York, was a superb and innovative idea that captured the attention of everyone who saw it. It involved a team of engineers performing a rapid wheel change on a Nascar vehicle emblazoned with the Red Bull logo.

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