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Best Christmas Marketing Strategies

Christmas adverts and marketing campaigns are often on an entirely different scale to the usual adverts you see throughout the rest of the year. There have been iconic promotions from some of the world’s biggest brands, and certain companies have developed a reputation for bringing out the big guns when it comes to their festive promotions. This article will look at some of the best and most effective Christmas advertising campaigns that this year had to offer.

John Lewis

Synonymous with big budget Christmas adverts, this year was no different for John Lewis as their £1m TV campaign set the benchmark for Christmas promotion. Starring a CGI penguin named Monty, the advert followed the John Lewis trend of a tear-jerking, heartwarming story about a young boy and his best friend. As well as the advert itself, John Lewis spent a staggering £7m on the campaign in total, including a smartphone app, a story book and soft toys. Featuring music from Tom Odell, the advert was a huge hit and was the first event in the Christmas marketing battle between the country’s major retailers.


Another behemoth company who spared no expense with their Christmas promotions, Sainsbury’s went for a historical approach with their advert. Reliving the famous day in the First World War in 1914 where the British and German soldiers laid down their weapons to engage in a friendly game of football, the advert is a touching and poignant reminder of the sacrifices people made for us to enjoy what we have now. The soldiers on opposing sides share chocolate and biscuits, enjoying a respite from the combat, before the distant sound of gunfire signals them to reluctantly return to their respective trenches and prepare to become enemies once again. The commercial’s tagline is ‘Christmas is for sharing’, and given the production values on the piece, you would be forgiven for thinking it was a trailer for a Hollywood film rather than a supermarket’s Christmas advert.


For their Christmas showpiece, Boots opted to draw attention to the unsung heroes of the festive period, those who work hard to put Christmas dinner on the table and presents under the tree. Showing a nurse who has had to sacrifice Christmas Day with her family for work leaving her shift at midnight, returning to what she thinks will be an empty house and to go to bed ready for Boxing Day. However, unbeknownst to her, her family have banded together to meet her at home in the middle of the night to celebrate the Christmas Day she gave up. Boots’ aim was to help their customers and those who see the advert give recognition to the special people in their lives, highlighting the importance of showing you care as well as giving gifts.

Marks and Spencer

Retail giant Marks and Spencer combined the TV format used by other businesses with harnessing the power of social media for its Christmas drive. In 2013, M&S used a star studded campaign, featuring models David Gandy and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and actress Helena Bonham-Carter. This year, the chain used Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook to give gifts to lucky recipients across the country. Using the Twitter handle @thetwofairies, they have provided real snow to a primary school in Cornwall, given gifts to night shift workers and lit up Newcastle’s Tyne Bridge with fairy-shaped lights.

While the figures that you hear when talking about the cost of these Christmas adverts can be quite eye-watering, the impact that they can have for their respective businesses cannot be underestimated. John Lewis, for example, have developed something of a reputation for delivering a blockbuster advert for the festive period, and this year has seen more companies get in on the act and deliver big-budget advertisements to boost their custom at the most frantic time of the shopping calendar.

Ramping up your marketing efforts over the festive period can yield fantastic benefits for your business. As customers and clients are looking for the perfect gift for their friends and family, planting your company firmly in their minds and hopefully drawing their attention to your services. Banaman are specialists in high quality promotional printing, whether you need it for stationery, coasters or clothing such as t shirts and hoodies. Our expert team can provide these services at excellent prices in all quantities, with no minimum. For more information, get in touch with us today.

Perfect Promotional Products for Winter

Thermos/Hip Flask

Hot drinks can be a lifesaver during the colder months, nothing is more satisfying than a hot chocolate or mulled wine when the temperature is reaching its lowest. By providing clients with branded hip flasks or Thermos flasks, you are attaching your company name to a very useful accessory that will be used frequently during the winter.

Ice Scraper

While not the most glamorous of tools, the ice scraper is invaluable for motorists up and down the country during the UK’s bitter winters. Something as simple as putting your logo or slogan on an ice scraper and handing them to clients will prove a shrewd bit of marketing. A great plus point for the use of ice scrapers is that they do not cost a lot to buy, meaning you can afford to give them to clients at little or no expense.


A must have accessory for the winter, gloves are a fantastic way to get your brand name out there to potential clients and to keep it fresh in the minds of existing customers. As simple as patching your logo or company name onto some thermal gloves, you can then rest assured that your brand is a regular feature of your customers’ or potential clients’ winter days. Ensure that the gloves are of a high quality, as a high quality product will cause clients to associate your brand with similar qualities.


Portable and incredibly useful, umbrellas are an ideal winter accessory to adorn with your company name and logo. Available in a variety of sizes and colours, umbrellas can be provided to your clients to ensure that your brand is fresh in their mind whenever they need to shelter themselves from the rain. What’s more, if the umbrella is open and in use, passers by will get a glimpse of your brand too!


A very helpful item for the dark winter evenings, torches are available in a range of sizes, from large, powerful ones to handy miniature models that can fit on your keyring – perfect for when you’re fumbling for the lock when you get home from work! With the smaller ones available at excellent prices, you can afford to gift them to clients or potential clients without worrying about the financial aspect.

Here at Banaman, we provide the finest promotional printing products at excellent prices for all our customers. From stationery to clothing, our promotional printing is done to the highest standard, and with no minimum order, our work is suitable for businesses of all sizes.


Using the Winter Season in your Marketing Strategy

Marketing your company is a year-round job, and as such you may find yourself continually having to think of fresh ideas to make your business appeal to existing and potential customers alike. When the festive period rolls around, you are likely to find several ideas for inspiration, and this article will help highlight some of the best ones.

Comfort and Warmth

One of the most attractive ideas to people in the cold winter months is the idea of being comfy and warm, whether that’s in front of the fire or wrapped up in winter clothes outdoors. If you can focus your campaign on something around this theme, so if you’re a clothes brand, for example, you can lure people in with the suggestion of warmth and comfort.


An escape from the cold and a trip to warmer surroundings is a route taken by many people during winter, so why not capitalise on this and market your business using winter trips as your theme? This is perfect for a range of businesses in a variety of sectors, from travel to clothing to food. Food that is typically from hotter countries can help customers feel like they’re escaping the winter, for example.

Winter Sports

Sports appeal to a huge range of people, and one of the benefits of using winter sports is that you can either use the sport itself to promote your business, or you can recruit a professional athlete to be a spokesperson for your brand. If used correctly, it can work wonders in attracting new customers. For example, if you run a business selling winter clothing, a professional athlete endorsing your product will boost its reputation no end.


Perhaps the most obvious one, Christmas is usually on people’s minds the moment the days start to get shorter and temperatures drop somewhat. Using the festive period to market your business is a tried and tested tactic that is used by small companies and multinational corporations alike. By tying in the Christmas theme with products or services that your business provides, you can make your advertising campaigns relevant and appealing in the winter months.


Here at Banaman, we are proud to provide first class promotional printing services to all our customers. We are specialists in the printing of your company logo or slogan on a wide range of promotional items, from pens and pencils to hoodies and baseball caps. If you would like to know more about what we do, get in touch with us today and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Personalised Bottles

Make your Business More Festive this Christmas

As the festive season approaches, you might want to start looking at ways to bring some of that Christmas spirit into your office or business. Every workplace has their own Christmas traditions, whether it’s secret Santa, a Christmas jumper day or just putting up a few decorations to add a more festive vibe to the working day. Any little addition to your office can boost morale and make your workplace much more welcoming and friendly.

Putting up decorations around the office seems like an obvious choice, but even subtle additions to your workplace can have a great effect on morale. Couple this with a ‘Secret Santa’ idea, and you will soon see the Christmas spirit spread round your office. Set a price limit for the gift buying so staff don’t feel pressured to spend too much, and as the names of the buyers and receivers are drawn out of a hat, it can be a great way to introduce staff to people they may not have met yet.

Christmas Gifts

Christmas mugs and coasters are a great way to bring more festive cheer to your employees without breaking the bank or affecting the way your business runs. In a lot of workplaces, people might have their own ‘favourite’ or personal mug that they use every day, so adding a new one to their collection will be greatly appreciated. You could conduct a survey around your workplace to gather some opinions on Christmas ideas, or put up potential designs for people to vote on.

One of the main advantages of Christmas mugs and coasters as a gift for your workplace is the price. Mugs are very cheap to produce and can be produced in bulk easily, meaning you can provide them for both large and small workforces. Whatever your chosen design is, whether it’s your company logo or an entirely new Christmas idea, our skilled team at Banaman can apply it to a range of different kinds of mugs, from traditional coffee mugs to more resilient travel mugs, ensuring each one is adorned with your chosen design without any compromise on quality, no matter how many you need.

Here at Banaman, we have a dedicated and skilled team of experts who will provide you with the best possible service from start to finish. We can provide an excellent 24 hour service, and there’s no minimum order so even if your business is a small one, you can still take advantage of the excellent products and services that we offer. Our mugs are incredible value for money, so you needn’t worry about breaking the bank to bring the Christmas spirit to your workplace. All mugs can be adorned with full colour printing that is finished to the highest quality, so there are no faded or peeling designs in sight.

To find out more about our promotional mug offers, or to find out what else we can do for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! Simply give us a call or drop us an email and we’ll be more than happy to help you.

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