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Perfect Promotional Products for Winter

Thermos/Hip Flask

Hot drinks can be a lifesaver during the colder months, nothing is more satisfying than a hot chocolate or mulled wine when the temperature is reaching its lowest. By providing clients with branded hip flasks or Thermos flasks, you are attaching your company name to a very useful accessory that will be used frequently during the winter.

Ice Scraper

While not the most glamorous of tools, the ice scraper is invaluable for motorists up and down the country during the UK’s bitter winters. Something as simple as putting your logo or slogan on an ice scraper and handing them to clients will prove a shrewd bit of marketing. A great plus point for the use of ice scrapers is that they do not cost a lot to buy, meaning you can afford to give them to clients at little or no expense.


A must have accessory for the winter, gloves are a fantastic way to get your brand name out there to potential clients and to keep it fresh in the minds of existing customers. As simple as patching your logo or company name onto some thermal gloves, you can then rest assured that your brand is a regular feature of your customers’ or potential clients’ winter days. Ensure that the gloves are of a high quality, as a high quality product will cause clients to associate your brand with similar qualities.


Portable and incredibly useful, umbrellas are an ideal winter accessory to adorn with your company name and logo. Available in a variety of sizes and colours, umbrellas can be provided to your clients to ensure that your brand is fresh in their mind whenever they need to shelter themselves from the rain. What’s more, if the umbrella is open and in use, passers by will get a glimpse of your brand too!


A very helpful item for the dark winter evenings, torches are available in a range of sizes, from large, powerful ones to handy miniature models that can fit on your keyring – perfect for when you’re fumbling for the lock when you get home from work! With the smaller ones available at excellent prices, you can afford to gift them to clients or potential clients without worrying about the financial aspect.

Here at Banaman, we provide the finest promotional printing products at excellent prices for all our customers. From stationery to clothing, our promotional printing is done to the highest standard, and with no minimum order, our work is suitable for businesses of all sizes.


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