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Using the Winter Season in your Marketing Strategy

Marketing your company is a year-round job, and as such you may find yourself continually having to think of fresh ideas to make your business appeal to existing and potential customers alike. When the festive period rolls around, you are likely to find several ideas for inspiration, and this article will help highlight some of the best ones.

Comfort and Warmth

One of the most attractive ideas to people in the cold winter months is the idea of being comfy and warm, whether that’s in front of the fire or wrapped up in winter clothes outdoors. If you can focus your campaign on something around this theme, so if you’re a clothes brand, for example, you can lure people in with the suggestion of warmth and comfort.


An escape from the cold and a trip to warmer surroundings is a route taken by many people during winter, so why not capitalise on this and market your business using winter trips as your theme? This is perfect for a range of businesses in a variety of sectors, from travel to clothing to food. Food that is typically from hotter countries can help customers feel like they’re escaping the winter, for example.

Winter Sports

Sports appeal to a huge range of people, and one of the benefits of using winter sports is that you can either use the sport itself to promote your business, or you can recruit a professional athlete to be a spokesperson for your brand. If used correctly, it can work wonders in attracting new customers. For example, if you run a business selling winter clothing, a professional athlete endorsing your product will boost its reputation no end.


Perhaps the most obvious one, Christmas is usually on people’s minds the moment the days start to get shorter and temperatures drop somewhat. Using the festive period to market your business is a tried and tested tactic that is used by small companies and multinational corporations alike. By tying in the Christmas theme with products or services that your business provides, you can make your advertising campaigns relevant and appealing in the winter months.


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