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Best Christmas Marketing Strategies

Christmas adverts and marketing campaigns are often on an entirely different scale to the usual adverts you see throughout the rest of the year. There have been iconic promotions from some of the world’s biggest brands, and certain companies have developed a reputation for bringing out the big guns when it comes to their festive promotions. This article will look at some of the best and most effective Christmas advertising campaigns that this year had to offer.

John Lewis

Synonymous with big budget Christmas adverts, this year was no different for John Lewis as their £1m TV campaign set the benchmark for Christmas promotion. Starring a CGI penguin named Monty, the advert followed the John Lewis trend of a tear-jerking, heartwarming story about a young boy and his best friend. As well as the advert itself, John Lewis spent a staggering £7m on the campaign in total, including a smartphone app, a story book and soft toys. Featuring music from Tom Odell, the advert was a huge hit and was the first event in the Christmas marketing battle between the country’s major retailers.


Another behemoth company who spared no expense with their Christmas promotions, Sainsbury’s went for a historical approach with their advert. Reliving the famous day in the First World War in 1914 where the British and German soldiers laid down their weapons to engage in a friendly game of football, the advert is a touching and poignant reminder of the sacrifices people made for us to enjoy what we have now. The soldiers on opposing sides share chocolate and biscuits, enjoying a respite from the combat, before the distant sound of gunfire signals them to reluctantly return to their respective trenches and prepare to become enemies once again. The commercial’s tagline is ‘Christmas is for sharing’, and given the production values on the piece, you would be forgiven for thinking it was a trailer for a Hollywood film rather than a supermarket’s Christmas advert.


For their Christmas showpiece, Boots opted to draw attention to the unsung heroes of the festive period, those who work hard to put Christmas dinner on the table and presents under the tree. Showing a nurse who has had to sacrifice Christmas Day with her family for work leaving her shift at midnight, returning to what she thinks will be an empty house and to go to bed ready for Boxing Day. However, unbeknownst to her, her family have banded together to meet her at home in the middle of the night to celebrate the Christmas Day she gave up. Boots’ aim was to help their customers and those who see the advert give recognition to the special people in their lives, highlighting the importance of showing you care as well as giving gifts.

Marks and Spencer

Retail giant Marks and Spencer combined the TV format used by other businesses with harnessing the power of social media for its Christmas drive. In 2013, M&S used a star studded campaign, featuring models David Gandy and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and actress Helena Bonham-Carter. This year, the chain used Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook to give gifts to lucky recipients across the country. Using the Twitter handle @thetwofairies, they have provided real snow to a primary school in Cornwall, given gifts to night shift workers and lit up Newcastle’s Tyne Bridge with fairy-shaped lights.

While the figures that you hear when talking about the cost of these Christmas adverts can be quite eye-watering, the impact that they can have for their respective businesses cannot be underestimated. John Lewis, for example, have developed something of a reputation for delivering a blockbuster advert for the festive period, and this year has seen more companies get in on the act and deliver big-budget advertisements to boost their custom at the most frantic time of the shopping calendar.

Ramping up your marketing efforts over the festive period can yield fantastic benefits for your business. As customers and clients are looking for the perfect gift for their friends and family, planting your company firmly in their minds and hopefully drawing their attention to your services. Banaman are specialists in high quality promotional printing, whether you need it for stationery, coasters or clothing such as t shirts and hoodies. Our expert team can provide these services at excellent prices in all quantities, with no minimum. For more information, get in touch with us today.

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