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The Most Effective Promotional Items

In the ever-evolving landscape of marketing, businesses are constantly seeking innovative ways to connect with their target audience and leave a lasting impression. Amidst the digital frenzy, promotional items continue to stand out as timeless marketing tools that offer tangible benefits and unparalleled brand exposure. From practical utility to emotional resonance, the most effective promotional items possess distinct qualities that resonate with recipients and amplify brand visibility. Let’s explore some of these standout items and unravel the secrets behind their effectiveness in driving engagement and loyalty and take a look at the most effective promotional items that we at Banaman feel will benefit you.

Branded ApparelPersonalised Bottles

Wearable promotional items, such as custom t-shirts, hats, and jackets, serve as walking billboards that showcase your brand wherever recipients go. Branded apparel not only fosters a sense of belonging and pride among employees and customers but also extends your brand’s reach to a wider audience. Whether worn casually or during corporate events, these items effortlessly integrate your brand into everyday life, making them highly effective marketing tools.

Reusable Drinkware

In an era marked by sustainability consciousness, reusable drinkware has emerged as a popular and eco-friendly promotional item. Customised water bottles, coffee mugs, and tumblers not only reduce single-use plastic waste but also serve as constant reminders of your brand’s commitment to environmental stewardship. With their practical utility and visibility in various settings, reusable drinkware reinforces brand awareness while aligning with consumers’ values.

Tech Gadgets and Accessories

In a digitally driven world, tech gadgets and accessories offer irresistible promotional potential. Items such as branded USB drives, power banks, and smartphone accessories seamlessly integrate into recipients’ daily routines, providing utility and convenience while subtly reinforcing brand presence. By associating your brand with cutting-edge technology and innovation, these promotional items resonate with tech-savvy audiences and leave a lasting impression.

Customised Stationery and Office Supplies

Ice Scraper

Despite the digital shift, traditional stationery and office supplies remain indispensable tools in workplaces and academic settings. Customised pens, notebooks, and desk organisers not only serve practical purposes but also offer ample branding opportunities. Whether used for jotting down notes, organising tasks, or signing documents, these items ensure consistent brand visibility in professional and educational environments.

Reusable Bags and Totes

As consumers increasingly prioritise sustainability and reduce their reliance on single-use plastics, reusable bags and totes have gained prominence as effective promotional items. Branded shopping bags, tote bags, and backpacks not only offer utility during shopping trips and daily errands but also serve as eco-friendly alternatives that promote your brand’s commitment to environmental responsibility. With their large surface area for branding and widespread use, reusable bags amplify brand visibility in diverse settings.

Health and Wellness Products

The global focus on health and wellness has paved the way for promotional items that cater to this burgeoning market segment. From branded fitness accessories and yoga mats to wellness kits and stress-relief items, health-conscious promotional products resonate with recipients seeking to enhance their well-being. By aligning your brand with health and wellness initiatives, these items foster positive associations and encourage recipients to prioritise their health while promoting your brand.

Customised Food and Beverage Items

Food and beverage items offer universal appeal and provide instant gratification to recipients. Customised snacks, confectionery, and gourmet gift baskets serve as delightful surprises that evoke positive emotions and create memorable experiences. Similarly, branded drinkware, such as custom-designed coffee blends and artisanal teas, offer a sensory journey that engages recipients and strengthens brand affinity.

Unique and Novelty Items

Sometimes, the most effective promotional items are those that surprise and delight recipients with their novelty and uniqueness. Whether it’s quirky gadgets, novelty keychains, or unconventional giveaways, these items capture attention and spark conversations, thereby enhancing brand recall and memorability. By tapping into creativity and innovation, unique promotional items stand out in a crowded marketplace and leave a lasting impression on recipients.

In conclusion, the most effective promotional items possess a blend of practical utility, emotional resonance, and brand alignment that captivates recipients and amplifies brand visibility. From branded apparel and reusable drinkware to tech gadgets and unique novelty items, the diverse array of promotional products offers endless possibilities for engaging audiences and reinforcing brand identity. By strategically selecting and incorporating these items into marketing campaigns, businesses can cultivate meaningful connections with their target audience and achieve long-term success in a competitive marketplace.

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Personalised Mugs in Grimsby

What are the benefits of using promotional mugs?

Many people ask us “What are the benefits of using promotional mugs?” when they’re thinking about buying them to promote their businesses. Mugs can be highly effective marking tools and help companies from all kinds of industries to create more exposure and brand loyalty. At Banaman, we’re always here for you when you need promotional products in Sheffield, including great-looking and long-lasting promotional mugs. Let’s take a look at the major benefits of promotional mugs right now.

PracticalityPersonalised Mugs in Grimsby

Mugs are very useful items that people use and therefore see every day. Every time someone uses one of your promotional mugs, they will be reminded of your brand. What’s more is that it’s likely that others will see them drinking from them, which is great for expanding brand visibility even further.


These items are also very cost-efficient, especially if you purchase them in bulk. They can offer a fantastic cost-per-impression in comparison to other promotional products which can cost much more and create less visibility.


Another great advantage of investing in promotional mugs is that they have a very long lifespan. Some people use their mugs for years or even decades before they replace them. They can deliver exposure for your brand for a very long time. If you’re looking for promotional products in Sheffield which have a very long lifespan, these mugs can be ideal for your needs.

Customisation options

It’s easy to personalise and customise promotional mugs with your branding. You have a wealth of options when it comes to logos, colours and designs. When you work with a quality provider of promotional products, they can get your mugs looking exactly how you want them. This ensures your mugs reflect your brand identity perfectly.


Mugs are available in all kinds of shapes, sizes and materials. This versatility enables you to opt for promotional mugs which align with your brand image and appeal to your target audience.

High perceived value

Promotional mugs can be viewed as high-value items, especially when they’re compared to goods that can only be used once or twice. This can positively influence the way your customers view your brand.

Suitable for various occasions

These mugs can be given away in a range of environments and scenarios. You can hand them out at trade shows, corporate events, in shops and send them through the post. You can give them not only to your customers and business associates but to your employees too.

Personalised bone china mugs in GrimsbyIncreased customer loyalty

Customers love to be given useful items that they can use time and time again for many years. These mugs can help you create a sense of loyalty and appreciation amongst your customers. Handing out promotional mugs is a great way to show people how much you appreciate their custom, help or hard work.


Today’s customers are more eco-conscious than ever. Thankfully, mugs can be ideal for companies who want to avoid handing out single-use items to their customers and others. Many of these mugs are made from eco-friendly materials and can therefore help you cut your carbon footprint.

Promotional mugs offer a blend of practicality, cost-effectiveness and long-lasting brand exposure. They can be an integral part of a successful marketing campaign and leave a lasting impression on your target audience.

How a promotional items company can help you find the right mugs

A reliable and reputable promotional items company can play a pivotal role in helping you find the right promotional mugs for your brand. They can help you choose the right style, materials and size and guide you through the selection process taking your brand image, target audience and budget into account. Any personalised products company will help you create something that’s fully tailored towards your specific requirements. 

If you’re on a budget, they should make cost-effective suggestions that won’t force you to compromise on the quality or impact of your mugs. The company should help you choose designs that appeal to your target audience.

Another key benefit of seeking out a quality promotional goods company is that they can help you decide how many items to order. If you order too many mugs, you could find yourself wasting money, but you might not generate the impact you require if you don’t order enough. 

If a promotional goods company isn’t manufacturing the mugs themselves, they will work with quality manufacturers that do. This helps you avoid ordering low-quality mugs that will break easily or won’t have the visual appeal you require. A reliable supplier of promotional mugs will also ensure your mugs arrive at their destination on time.

Why choose Banaman when you need mugs and other promotional products in Sheffield?

Now you know what are the benefits of using promotional mugs, you may be wondering who can help you if you’re ready to start thinking about placing an order. At Banaman, we have a great deal of experience in this area. We have been a leading force in our industry for decades and have seen many competitors come and go over the years. We can supply you with high-quality promotional mugs that will stand the test of time and create the exposure you require.

The products that we supply are designed to create a real buzz around your brand. They can drive sales and enhance brand loyalty. Although we offer some of the industry’s most competitive prices, we never cut corners on quality. We can also help you if you need bespoke products in Sheffield including pens, keyrings and clothing. What’s more is that we offer an express delivery service. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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If you’re still wondering “What are the benefits of using promotional mugs?” or you’re ready to place an order, get in touch. You can reach us by giving us a call on 0800 086 2840 or by completing the form on our website. We will respond as promptly as we possibly can.

Personalised Clothing in Grimsby

Choosing the right promotional items for your business [ Infographic ]

Promotional items can be highly effective when it comes to customer engagement, so it’s certainly worth investing in them if you want to grow your brand. However, choosing the right promotional items for your business is essential. There are many things you need to think about when you want to use promotional goods to create a buzz around your brand and create more loyalty towards your business. Read on to find out more. 

Choosing the right promotional items for your business

What makes a great promotional item?

The best promotional items tend to be those that are used time and time again by your recipients. This is because useful items generate daily impressions and keep your brand at the forefront of your customers’ minds. When people frequently see your branding, it becomes more likely that they will choose you when they need the kind of products and services you’re offering. Another great reason for choosing items that are likely to be used regularly is that there’s a big chance other people will see your recipients using them. This creates more exposure for your brand and introduces it to more potential customers. Companies from all kinds of industries have been distributing promotional goods for generations. 

Affordable promotional items for those on a budgetPromotional Pens in Grimsby

If you do want to invest in promotional items on a tight budget, you could purchase goods such as stationery. These are low-cost items that are used regularly and ensure your recipient sees your brand every time they use them. Many businesses experiment with low-cost promotional items to see how effective they are before moving on to more expensive goods. Items like t-shirts and caps are also ideal for many companies on a budget.

Discover your audience’s needs

One great way to ensure you’re buying relevant promotional items is to find out what your audience’s needs are. Once you have defined who your target market is and what their requirements are, you can start identifying goods that you think will appeal to them. T-shirts and pens are very popular amongst students, whilst bags and mugs are commonly handed out at corporate events. Bags are reused over and over again for many purposes, and this makes them ideal for those looking for something that will create long-term exposure for their brand. If you are targeting gymgoers, you could consider handing out items like water bottles or fitness accessories. Always make sure you’re distributing products that will actually appeal to your audience.

Ensure items are high-quality

Though many cost-effective promotional items are available, it’s important to ensure the goods you’re buying are of high quality. If an item breaks or falls apart after just a few days or weeks, this can harm your reputation. This is because it can generate associations with poor quality. Thankfully, it’s possible to purchase quality promotional items from Banaman that will last for a considerable period of time. High-quality goods can reflect well on your brand and create a lasting positive impression. It can sometimes be effective to distribute quirky or distinctive items to differentiate yourself from your competitors. If you have any particularly loyal customers, consider spending a little more on promotional items to show your appreciation. This can also help you retain them.

Consider your budget carefully

Try to avoid spending more than you can afford on promotional items. If you buy more than you need, you could end up stuck with a surplus of goods that you can’t do much with. This can make a bigger dent into your budget than necessary. It can be best to start small before building up to bigger orders when you’re experimenting with promotional items for the first time. Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback from your recipients. This can give you a better insight into which items work well for your brand and which ones aren’t so effective. It’s also helpful to try to measure the results of your campaign. Monitor metrics like website traffic, sales and brand awareness to see what impact your promotional items have had.

Promotional Baseball caps in grimsbyFind the right supplier of promotional items

If you are looking for quality promotional items to boost your brand, it’s best to look for a reputable supplier with many years of experience to draw upon. Seek out a supplier who has provided a wide range of promotional items to companies from a wide range of industries. It’s best to choose a supplier who can work closely alongside you and provide valuable guidance. The greatest promotional goods suppliers will take the time to research your brand as well as your target market. This ensures they’re suggesting and designing products that are likely to appeal to your audience and won’t swiftly be thrown away.

Who can help when I need quality promotional items?

Now you know more about choosing the right promotional items for your business, you may be wondering who can help when you need promotional products in Sheffield. At Banaman, we have been designing, manufacturing and supplying high-quality promotional goods for many years. We are proud to be experts when it comes to creating personalised clothing and other items. We can supply you with customised workwear, clothing and printed materials. If you need long-lasting printed garments which withstand regular washing and frequent use, we are here for you. What’s more is that we’re always on hand to help if you do want to invest in promotional items but require in-depth advice before you proceed.

Contact us

Choosing the right promotional items for your business doesn’t have to be a minefield. At Banaman, we make it easy for you to select the right promotional goods in Sheffield. Why not get in touch today to find out more? Reach us by completing our form on our website. Alternatively, you can reach us by calling on 0800 086 2840 or sending us an email. We’ll get back to you as quickly as we can so you can swiftly get the help you’re looking for.

Promotional Pens in Grimsby

Why is business merchandise important?

Business merchandise is more important for UK businesses than ever. Not only can boost brand loyalty and create much more exposure for your brand but it can serve as a cost-effective marketing tool. A key benefit of investing in business merchandise is that there are many products you can buy that have a very low cost-per-impression. This means you don’t have to spend very much money to obtain branded items that are visible to a large number of people. Read on to find out why is business merchandise important?

Here are several reasons why branded merchandise is so important:

It can generate extra revenue when you sell it

Creates more exposure for your brand and boosts your visibility

Can be incredibly useful for your customers 

It can impress customers and make them more loyal to you 

Can give you an edge over your competitors

It can deliver an excellent return on investment

It can be cheaper than traditional forms of advertising 

Business merchandise is essential for small to medium businesses as it can boost your sales and create a buzz around your products and services. When you follow the right strategy for using promotional merchandise to boost your business, the results can be fantastic. Business merchandise can provide you with an additional revenue stream if you’re selling it rather than giving it away, but an added bonus is that it helps you to advertise your brand due to the fact that it is often used in public.

Take branded clothing for instance. Every individual that wears clothing that features your logo and branding is likely to interact with several people whilst they are wearing it in public. This means your branding is exposed to more people who may wish to learn more about your brand. With branded clothing, you get the chance to generate much more brand awareness and expose your brand to people who may have never otherwise encountered it. 

There are many items you can add your branding to if you want to create more exposure for your business. Clothing can be highly effective. Transportable items like water bottles, pens and bags can be very useful too. This is particularly true when someone uses them in the presence of their colleagues.

Branded merchandise can be handed out in various placesThe importance of branded uniforms

You can distribute branded merchandise in a variety of ways. Branded merchandise is often handed out at trade shows and exhibitions. You can also give customers a chance to win it in competitions. Alternatively, you can send it to your most loyal customers through the post. You can also supply your employees with branded merchandise to reward them for their hard work.

Useful, high-quality branded merchandise can boost your reputation 

It’s important to purchase quality branded merchandise made from robust materials. These ensure it can be used on a long-term basis. If you buy promotional clothing that’s likely to fall apart after a few washes, this won’t deliver long-term brand exposure. Poor-quality merchandise can reflect badly on your company and harm your reputation. Nonetheless, there are many forms of quality branded merchandise you can invest in that won’t cost the earth. It’s also important that you invest in items that are likely to be of use to your customers. If you fail to do this, it’s likely that your branded merchandise will simply be thrown in the bin. 

High-quality merchandise may seem expensive initially, but it can generate a fantastic return on investment and ultimately make more money than it costs. Your branded merchandise needs to be useful and of high quality. If recipients use your branded merchandise on a regular basis, you become a daily presence in their lives. This means they are more likely to turn to you when they require the kind of products and services that you’re offering to them.

How can I choose the right merchandise for my brand?

If you’ve been wondering “why is business merchandise so important?” and now need to find what kind of branded merchandise will be the most effective for your brand, think about the types of items your audience is likely to be interested in. Think carefully about who your customers are so you can identify promotional items that they’re likely to find useful. Thankfully, there are many examples of promotional items that have mass appeal across the generations. These include branded pens, phone cases and mugs. A promotional goods specialist like Banaman can work closely alongside you. They can help you choose and design branded items your audience is likely to love.

Embroidery Grimsby

Why work with a branded merchandise specialist?

A promotional consultant can use their vast experience to help you develop your brand and make it stand out from the competition. They can come up with designs that quickly win the attention of passers-by at trade shows, exhibitions and elsewhere. They can help you derive as much value as possible from your branded merchandise budget and help you find the clarity you need if you’re not sure what route to take when it comes to investing in promotional goods.

Who can help me find effective business merchandise and promotional products in Sheffield?

Banaman have a great deal of experience when it comes to working with brands seeking promotional products and business merchandise in Sheffield. At Banaman, we work with companies from a wide range of industry sectors to help them find the right promotional merchandise solutions. We can provide you with various high-quality promotional items. These goods will create more exposure for your business and boost brand loyalty. 

The goods that we manufacture and design tend to last for years before they need to be replaced. We can provide you with all the advice you need on identifying the best kinds of promotional merchandise for your particular brand. Although we offer some of the most competitive prices for branded merchandise on the market, you can rest assured that we never cut corners when it comes to quality.

Contact us

Now is the time to connect with us if you have been asking “why is business merchandise so important?”. You can reach us by giving us a call or by completing the form on our website. We will get back to you as quickly as possible. Find out everything you need to know about our business merchandise and promotional products in Sheffield.

How to stand out from the competition

How to stand out from the competition [Infographic]

If you’re interested in sending out promotional items and want to stand out from your competitors, read on. In this article, we’ll talk about how to overcome many of the challenges that you might face if you’re based in a crowded industry and what you can do to make your customers stand up and take notice. Read on to find out more about how to stand out from the competition and increase brand loyalty in the process. If you’ve been looking for promotional items in Grimsby that will help you to shine, help is available.

How to stand out from the competition

Why does competition make things so difficult?

Unless your business does something truly unique, you will have competitors no matter how big or small you are. Chances are that there are many companies offering the same products and services, regardless of how successful you are. Even some of the most successful businesses face difficulty with drawing customers away from other brands. However, there are steps that you can take to convince your customers that your brand is the best choice.

How can promotional gifts help me outshine my competitors?

Poster Printing Grimsby

By supplying your customers with promotional gifts, you can show them that you value their custom and want to add value to their lives. If you provide them with gifts they’ll use on a daily basis, they will be constantly exposed to your branding. Even if they haven’t bought anything from you for a while or ever before, you may well be the first port of call when they need the kind of products and services that you offer. It can be worth spending a little more on promotional items if you do want to gain an edge over your competitors. 

If you invest more in high-quality items, you’re more likely to be associated with concepts such as excellence and efficiency. There are many companies using the tactic of sending out promotional gifts to their customers, so it’s wise to send out items that are better than those being distributed by your competitors. 

Choose items that won’t be discarded with 

It’s essential to choose items that your customers won’t simply dispose of quickly. It’s a good idea to carry out research into your customers so you can find out what their interests are and what kinds of promotional gifts they are most likely to use. Products that tend to be used frequently by recipients of promotional gifts tend to include things like diaries, calendars, keyrings, pens, bags, bottle openers and torches, to give just a few examples. High-quality clothing is also a great option as it can keep your customers warm, comfortable and looking great for years to come. If you do opt for clothing, it’s best to opt for quality garments that won’t simply fall apart after a few washes. 


Running competitions for your promotional items is another great way to get people talking about your brand. There are many things that you can give away in competitions to inspire existing and potential customers. These include promotional items. The best promotional items tend to be the ones that add value to people’s lives, so they tend to include things that they can use on a regular basis. These might include anything from pens to clothes, keyrings and much more. If you run competitions on social media, you can increase your reach at the same time as create more brand loyalty.

Online reviews

Encouraging your customers to review your brand positively online is another great way to stand out from the competition. If you sign your brand up to a review site, customers will be able to leave you ratings. These could help you soar up the search rankings if the feedback is positive. Studies have found that positive reviews can play a pivotal role in boosting your online search rankings. You are very likely to receive positive reviews if you send useful promotional gifts out to your customers. 

Make sure your branding stands out

Personalised Clothing in Grimsby

People tend to form their first impressions of a brand within the first 10 seconds of encountering them. This is why it’s so important to have an eye-catching brand identity including a logo. Colour is incredibly important when it comes to increasing brand recognition. Once you have settled on a colour scheme, it’s important to stick to it for a considerable period of time. Colour is said to boost brand recognition by 80%.

Reward loyalty

Rewarding customer loyalty is a great way to retain your customers. Loyalty programmes are highly effective when it comes to getting customers to stay with you. Promotional items show them that you value their custom. At Banaman, we can provide you with a wide range of promotional gifts to help you avoid losing your valued customers and therefore sales.

About Banaman

At Banaman, we’ve been designing, manufacturing and supplying promotional items and personalised clothing of the highest calibre for many years. Our promotional items in Grimsby are designed to help you create a real buzz around your business. This helps you create long-term brand loyalty. Although we offer the most competitive prices on the market, we never make compromises when it comes to quality. 

What’s more, is that we can get your promotional items out to you in no time no at all thanks to our express delivery service. We can help you gain a real edge over businesses in your industry when you’ve been wondering ‘How to stand out from the competition’. From t-shirts and polo shirts to caps, hoodies, stationery and keyrings, we do it all.

Contact us

Why wait any longer to get in touch if you do need help with standing out from the crowd and are ready to create extra brand loyalty? You can reach us today by giving us a call on 0800 086 2840 or by completing the form on our website. You can also send an email to We’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.

Promotional Bags in Grimsby

What’s trending in promotional items?

If you’ve been wondering ‘what’s trending in promotional items?’, this article is for you. Promotional items serve a wide range of purposes and can help you create brand loyalty and win more long-term customers. People who receive promotional items from companies often become repeat customers. It’s definitely worth experimenting with promotional gifts if you’re ready to grow your customer base and secure more sales. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest promotional gift trends for 2022 right now. If you’re looking for on-trend promotional items in Grimsby, this article is for you. 

Products for remote working

Promotional Calendars

There’s a growing demand for products that allow people to work from anywhere. Remote working was on the rise even before the pandemic. People from a wide range of industries are now carrying out their duties away from the office. Examples of remote working products can include anything from flasks and lunchboxes to phone chargers and mice for laptops. Wireless products are also becoming more popular. This is because they allow workers to connect with others without having to stay in one place.

Sustainable products

Today’s customers are arguably more passionate about sustainability than ever. This is why there is a growing demand for eco-friendly products that allow people to reduce their carbon footprint. One study, carried out by ASI in 2020 found that almost half of all customers were likely to think of a company positively if they sent them environmentally-friendly products. Today’s customers tend to favour brands whose values are closely aligned with theirs. If you are looking for ways to connect with eco-conscious customers, giving them sustainable promotional items is a great place to begin.

Sanitation supplies

The pandemic has had a big influence on the kinds of products companies are handing out to their customers. Items like hand sanitising wipes, masks and gloves are frequently being sent out to customers. This is a great way to thank your customers for their loyalty. By showing your customers that you care about their well-being, you can make them feel closer to your brand and hopefully secure their custom for years to come.

Lounging products

Now that more people are carrying out their duties from home, many workers are now ditching traditional officewear in favour of loungewear that helps them to stay snug and comfortable throughout the working day. Some of the most popular lounging garments to have grown in popularity of late include wearable blankets. The increased popularity of wearable blankets has been linked to activity on the social media platform TikTok. Weighted blankets have also become more popular over recent years, with many people citing a reduction in stress levels when they use them. Personalised socks have also grown in demand recently, as have spa kits.

Traditional promotional items

Some promotional items remain in huge demand regardless of what’s occurring in the wider world. Consistently popular promotional items sent out by companies from various sectors include pens, water bottles, coffee mugs, pens, tote bags, stress balls, t-shirts, mobile phone covers and keyrings. When you’re in the process of choosing the right promotional items for your customers, it’s important to seek out items that you think your customers will actually use. If your customers do use your promotional items on a daily basis, they’ll be exposed to your branding repeatedly. This means you’ll be able to establish a constant presence in their lives.

Mugs and bottles

Promotional Sports Bottles in Grimsby

Mugs and bottles are some of the most enduring promotional items that businesses can give to their customers. When your branding features on items people drink out of, they encounter it several times a day. Mugs and bottles are extremely portable too, which means they can even take your branded goods with you when they leave their homes. 


Keyrings have remained extremely popular amongst companies rewarding their customers with promotional gifts. The keyring is just one example of promotional items that’s been able to hold their own over the years and remain just as effective as more modern ideas. 

How can I get my promotional items to my customers?

You can distribute your promotional items in Grimsby to your customers in various ways. Many companies opt to simply send promotional goods to their customers in the post, but you can also hand them out at trade shows, exhibitions and even on your premises. Promotional items tend to deliver an excellent return on investment. This means you have a great chance of recouping the money you spend on these goods several times over. If promotional items were not effective, companies simply wouldn’t spend the vast sums that they do on them.

How Banaman can help

At Banaman, we’re eager to hear from you if you’re ready to invest in high-quality promotional items to bring your customers closer to your brand. We have been a leading supplier of promotional goods for many years. We’re able to offer some of the most competitive prices for promotional items that you’ll see anywhere in the UK. However, this never means cutting corners when it comes to quality. If you’ve been wondering ‘what’s trending in promotional items?’ and want to treat your customers to goods that will serve them well throughout 2022 and beyond, we are here to help.

The promotional items that we supply help you create a real buzz around your brand. They can increase your sales and secure the long-term prosperity of your business. Having been in the business for more than 30 years, we can be counted on to provide you with the promotional goods that your customers desire. What’s more is that we provide an express delivery service, which means we can get your products out to your customers in no time at all.

Contact us

If you’ve found yourself asking ‘what’s trending in promotional items’ and are now ready to place an order or make an enquiry, we are ready to hear from you. Reach us today by sending us a message through our website, calling us on 0800 086 2840, or by sending an email here. We’ll get back to you as quickly as we possibly can. You can also come and visit us in person to buy promotional items in Grimsby between 9.00am – 4.30pm on weekdays.

What are some of the best offline marketing ideas?

What are some of the best offline marketing ideas? [Infographic]

Whether you’re an established business or a new start-up, offline marketing can be a vital element of your company’s overall strategy. Indeed, there are tried and tested methods that have been used by businesses to promote their products and services for many years, from business cards and flyers to keyrings and mugs. Read on to find out what are some of the best offline marketing ideas.

What are some of the best offline marketing ideas? [Infographic]

Top offline marketing methods 

Offline marketing refers to any advertising that is carried out using traditional offline media. This could include channels such as TV, radio, print, promotional items, and in-person events. In this day and age, it stands to reason that offline marketing is usually built to support and supplement online marketing efforts. Keep reading to discover what are some of the best offline marketing ideas.

Business cardsBusiness Cards in grimsby

Business cards are highly effective marketing tools. Since a great business card will rarely get thrown away, you can expect it to work hard for you several weeks or even months after being handed out. Business cards are also a lot more personal than online marketing methods such as email. Whatever stage your company is at, it makes sense to invest in high-quality businesses cards for you and your staff. Always keep them handy as you never know when you might need them.


Many people wonder if flyers are still a useful marketing tool in 2021. The answer is yes! There is certainly still a place for the humble flyer in your marketing arsenal. Recent studies have shown that flyer printing has positive effects on businesses of all sizes. They can raise awareness of your product or services, event or promotion, reinforcing your brand in the minds of your customers. They are a very affordable marketing method too, making them ideal for businesses with a wide range of budgets.


Personalised give away pens Grimsby

Pens are one of the best promotional items for businesses of all sizes. This is because they last a long time, offering multiple advertising opportunities. As long as there’s ink in a pen, it can continue promoting your brand. The more a person uses the pen, the more your brand will stick in their mind. They’ll become familiar with your company, even if they don’t even realise it at first. Whenever they come to need a product or service you provide, they’ll think of your business. 

Diaries and calendars

Other promotional items worth their weight in gold are diaries and calendars. Many business owners assume that these items have lost their value in this digital age, however, that’s not the case. Studies show that many businesses are still using them to promote their brands in 2021. The truth is that many people still rely on paper-based tools like these to organise their schedules or remember key dates. This not only makes them very useful for the recipient, which means they’ll be appreciated, but they will also be seen repeatedly.  


Keyrings have been used by businesses for many years. As highly effective promotional items, they allow you to showcase your brand to your customers in an easy and affordable manner. Like diaries and calendars, keyrings are extremely useful items that are almost guaranteed to get used at some point. It makes sense to invest in key chains made from high-quality materials since they will last longer and people will be more likely to use them. Keyrings are really easy to distribute too, making them one of the convenient promotional tools for businesses.


Branded mugs can seriously boost your marketing efforts, giving you maximum exposure for minimum outlay. According to studies, the average mug will be used a staggering 2,000 times throughout its life cycle. This means that each mug can offer your company over 2,000 opportunities to promote your brand. Adding promotional mugs to your next marketing campaign is easy. Simply contact Banaman and ask about our branded mugs for businesses.

Water bottles 

With more of us glugging water on the go, promotional water bottles are becoming popular with businesses. Water bottles provide a fantastic alternative to plastic bottles since they’re not just more eco-friendly but also allow you to advertise your company whilst people use them. They are the ideal way to say ‘thanks’ for your custom as well as allow you to benefit from some valuable brand awareness.  

Network your way to success 

Networking should be a key part of any business’s offline marketing strategy. Companies of all sizes can benefit from meeting new contacts and sharing information. Attend relevant business activities in your town or city and reach out to those people to who you think you could benefit from talking. You’ll find that many meetings and events are now held remotely, which means you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your home to benefit from networking opportunities in your area.

Choose Banaman for promotional items in Grimsby 

Now you know what are some of the best offline marketing ideas, you may be looking to order promotional items from Banaman. We supply a wide range of promotional items in Grimsby at highly competitive prices. Made from quality materials and expertly emblazoned with your company’s name or logo, you can rest assured that they’ll help your offline marketing efforts considerably. 

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If you’re looking for fantastic offline marketing ideas, look no further than Banaman. We are a leading supplier of promotional items in Grimsby, selling everything from pens and mugs to diaries and calendars. To discuss your marketing requirements with one of our friendly team, call  0800 086 2840. You can also send us a message via the website if you prefer and we’ll contact you as soon as possible. 

Promotional torches in Grimsby

What are the most popular promotional clothing items?

There are many fantastic reasons for investing in promotional items if you want to increase exposure for your business. Promotional items allow you to create a buzz about your brand and introduce it to people who may have never been aware of it without them. If you’ve been wondering “what are the most popular promotional items?” this article is for you.

What are the main benefits of promotional clothing items?

What are the most popular promotional clothing items?

One of the big advantages of investing in promotional items is that they create brand exposure. A PPAI survey carried out a few years ago found that 90% of people recall the messaging from promotional goods they have received. Repeated exposure to your branding including your logo can keep you in the minds of people that see it and encourage them to become or remain customers. Promotional goods that are actually useful for your clients are great for helping you stay in your customers’ thoughts. If the customer uses your promotional products on a regular basis, this improves their attitude towards your brand.

A cost-effective solution

Another great reason for buying promotional items is that they help you promote your brand in a cheaper way than advertising it online, on the TV and in printed media. They offer a very competitive cost per impression. A cost-per-impression is that expense linked to each time your branding is seen. Research carried out by the BMPA found that 79% of people felt appreciated when they were given a promotional gift. This shows us just how effective promotional products can be when it comes to creating brand loyalty.

Which promotional clothing items are the most popular?

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular and effective promotional items you could consider giving to potential and existing customers.

Promotional t-shirts and hoodies

Personalised Clothing in Grimsby

Promotional t-shirts and hoodies are ideal for pretty much any company aiming to show off their branding and reach more people. They can be worn in and outside of your business premises and make members of your team easily identifiable. T-shirts and hoodies never go out of style and can help customers and employees act as walking advertisements for your brand. Another great reason for opting for t-shirts is they are highly affordable and offer a very modest cost per impression. They also encourage people to start conversations about your brand and tell others about the benefits of buying your products and services. When your team members are all wearing the same apparel, this generates a sense of unity and makes your company seem more professional.


You can add your branding to various types of workwear. Again, this makes team members more visible and creates more exposure for your brand. At Banaman, we offer a wide range of personalised workwear products. Some of the most popular workwear garments that we sell include aprons, chef jackets, masks, hi-vis jackets and vests, work ties, tracksuits and vests.


We are also proud to be one of the industry’s most popular suppliers of personalised sportswear that will get your team looking fantastic. We are a noted source for promotional fitness wear, joggers, headbands, sports bras, tracksuits and vests. Teams that look great tend to perform better, and we can cater for you whether you’re on a tight budget or have more to spend.

Hats and caps

Promotional Baseball caps in grimsby

Hats and caps keep people comfortable whilst ensuring your brand gets the exposure it needs. We can supply you with long-lasting, great-looking caps and hats including beanie hats. These can be worn time and time again before they need to be replaced.

Why choose Banaman for promotional items in Grimsby?

We can provide the quality you deserve if you are ready to invest in promotional items in Grimsby. We have spent many years learning our craft and are a leading supplier of personalised clothing for businesses across the UK. You can count on us to help you create a powerful, unique identity. We can add your logo, employee names, graphics, images and slogans to your personalised clothing. Also, we use the very latest printing and embroidery innovations to get everything looking simply fantastic. The garments that we supply are designed to encourage customers to shop with you time and time again. They are also great for boosting workplace morale too. The clothing we create withstands regular washing and heavy-duty usage.

Embroidery services are also available

Our embroidery service is perfect for you if you want to take professionalism and smartness to another level. There are many fonts to choose from, and we are able to add embroidery to everything from t-shirts and polo shirts to caps, ties and aprons.

A simpler service

The ordering process is so straightforward when you choose Banaman for promotional items in Grimsby. Once you have chosen your design, colour and size, you can add your logos, image or text. You can then move to the checkout stage. We offer clothing from some of the most trusted brands around, and we carry out all personalisation internally. You can rest assured you’ll receive the highest standard of quality when you choose Banaman. If you’ve been asking “what are the most popular promotional items?”, you’ll find a great deal of them within the Banaman catalogue. We are proud to support various payment methods, including Visa, MasterCard and Maestro.

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We are ready to hear from you right now if you are ready to order personalised clothing and promotional items that will get people talking and help you generate more revenue and positive feedback. You can reach us today by giving us a call on 0800 086 2840. You can also send a message via the website. Alternatively, you can contact us by sending a message here


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