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The Most Effective Promotional Items

Using promotional items to increase the exposure your business or brand receives is a common practice for businesses of all sizes worldwide. However, there are obviously some items that are more effective than others when it comes to brand expansion. This article will look at the best ways to boost your business profile.


One of the main benefits of using clothing as a promotional item is the fact that its use is not limited to the workplace. Whether it’s a t-shirt or a hat, it can be worn at any time, and each time it is worn it is pushing your brand name and logo to potential customers. Be sure to use high-quality garments to print your logo or business name on, as the quality of the material will be associated with the quality of your brand.


A key element of a promotional product being effective is how useful the item itself is. Stationery can be incredibly useful for people, and if they use your promotional items every day, whether it’s a pen or a notepad, they will be constantly reminded of your company name, keeping you fresh in their minds.


Another chance to utilise the ubiquity of certain items, branding keyrings is another way to ensure your company is constantly in the possession of your target market. An essential item for the majority of people, using your logo on a keyring means you are in the pocket of potential customers/partners even when they are not at work.

USB Drives

Those who work with computers will put a huge amount of trust into their USB drives – they can contain incredibly important files and documents which means their owners will never let them out of their sight! This makes them the perfect base for your company branding – something as an important as a USB drive will be seen and used often, and consequently so will your business.


A key reason why bags, particularly tote bags are so widely used as a promotional item is the small amount of expenditure it takes to produce them in large quantities. While backpacks may cost a little more, bags are a very useful item for both consumer and business alike. Their low cost makes them perfect for both small and big businesses.

Banaman are specialists in the printing and supply of high quality promotional items for businesses of all sizes. Whether you need business cards or you would like your logo on clothing, stationery or accessories, Banaman are the people for you. With no minimum order on our products, we can cater for both small and big businesses alike. For more information, get in touch with us today.

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