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The Benefits of Work Uniform

Different companies have different policies when it comes to their employees’ appearance at work. Some allow them to wear their own clothes, but others opt to provide a uniform for all staff. Each of these policies has its own set of benefits, and this article will look at the plus points of a work uniform for all staff.

Consistent Image

Wearing a uniform signifies that everyone wearing it belongs to a particular organisation. Seeing the same uniform throughout a company shows unity, consistency and evokes a sense of team spirit. This is particularly helpful in customer-facing environments such as retail companies; customers will be able to identify who works for the company and therefore who they can ask for help.


If staff are all wearing the same uniform, regular customers and clients will begin to associate aspects of your company with those colours. For example, they may associate your uniform with excellent customer service and attitude, so they know what to expect from those wearing your colours. This also works as a form of advertising for your business, and word of mouth from happy customers is a great way to spread the name of your business around.

Employee Mindset

If staff are wearing a uniform they are more inclined to feel like part of a team. Wearing the official colours and badge of your company, they will feel the need to meet certain standards so as to represent your business and their colleagues as well as possible. They will associate their uniform with being at work, helping them to get into the mindset of working.


Setting a uniform policy means that staff don’t have to put time and thought into what they are going to wear to work. If there were no uniform rules, individuals may feel like they have to impress their co-workers, which could lead to potential disharmony in the working environment. With a uniform, each person will be wearing the same outfit so will not be judged on what they wear.


For people employed in certain sectors, uniforms also serve an important practical purpose. Where handling of dangerous materials is concerned such as chemicals or heavy machinery, the correct uniform is vital as it is designed specifically for that environment.

Above are just a few benefits of employing a uniform system in the workplace. Promoting your company name is essential if your company is going to grow, and here at Banaman we are experts in providing promotional materials to assist you in enhancing your company’s reputation. We can print your company name or logo on hats, hoodies and t shirts for your staff, and we also offer brilliant prices on promotional products such as mugs, keyrings and stationery. Our dedicated design team can add your logo to promotional items quickly and efficiently, and with no minimum order, our services are perfect for both small and large businesses. If you would like to know more about our services, get in touch today via phone, email or the contact form on our website and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Bespoke T-shirt Printing for Corporate Events

If your business is in the process of organising a corporate event, you may want to consider the addition of bespoke t-shirts. Investing in t-shirts with your company logo has many benefits for your staff and can bring a real sense of uniformity to the day. Read on to learn more about the benefits…

Clearly defined teams

If you have chosen to organise your own corporate event as opposed to it being outsourced, a large part of the organisation will be mixing people together who don’t normally interact during the day to day running of your business. As such, providing a bespoke t-shirt with a team name or in different colours helps to clearly define which team is which, as well as giving a sense of team spirit. Your employees are likely to be more enthusiastic as it will feel well organised, and will encourage healthy rivalry between teams.

Increase staff morale

As any employer will know, there’s more to job satisfaction than pay, holidays and health care. There are a variety of ways to increase staff morale and as a result, job satisfaction, and in this context we’re talking about investment. Investing in your staff lets them know you are interested in their development and value their involvement in the company, from junior staff members to managers.

One way to do this is to provide them with a personalised t-shirt. This can be printed with their individual names, team name or simply the company logo. It is not a high value item, but as it will be theirs to keep, it will make them feel valued and involved – particularly if your workplace does not have uniforms, as they will be a novelty.

A keepsake

If your event is a success and everybody has had fun, as well as achieved any goals you had in mind – be it team building, encouraging innovation, or simply company relations – having a t-shirt to keep will make for a nice keepsake of the day. Many corporate events will include freebies such as pens and bookmarks, but for organising your own event, a t-shirt is a low cost, attractive, take home item.

Appropriate clothing

Sometimes it’s nice to keep your corporate day under wraps and your staff in the dark, and because of this – despite stipulating appropriate dress before the day – there will always be members of staff who choose something either too formal or not practical enough for the activities you have in mind. In which case, a bespoke t-shirt with your company logo is ideal!  Having appropriate clothing will encourage participation and leave your employees free to fully commit to the day without worrying about any wardrobe malfunctions.


With this in mind, why not get in touch with a professional printing company to find out about the range of t-shirts and polo shirts available for your corporate event. Many professional printers will be able to offer you options to suit all budgets and requirements, from high end embroidered cotton polo shirts to inexpensive printed synthetic t-shirts.

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