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Promotional Bags in Grimsby

What’s trending in promotional items?

If you’ve been wondering ‘what’s trending in promotional items?’, this article is for you. Promotional items serve a wide range of purposes and can help you create brand loyalty and win more long-term customers. People who receive promotional items from companies often become repeat customers. It’s definitely worth experimenting with promotional gifts if you’re ready to grow your customer base and secure more sales. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest promotional gift trends for 2022 right now. If you’re looking for on-trend promotional items in Grimsby, this article is for you. 

Products for remote working

Promotional Calendars

There’s a growing demand for products that allow people to work from anywhere. Remote working was on the rise even before the pandemic. People from a wide range of industries are now carrying out their duties away from the office. Examples of remote working products can include anything from flasks and lunchboxes to phone chargers and mice for laptops. Wireless products are also becoming more popular. This is because they allow workers to connect with others without having to stay in one place.

Sustainable products

Today’s customers are arguably more passionate about sustainability than ever. This is why there is a growing demand for eco-friendly products that allow people to reduce their carbon footprint. One study, carried out by ASI in 2020 found that almost half of all customers were likely to think of a company positively if they sent them environmentally-friendly products. Today’s customers tend to favour brands whose values are closely aligned with theirs. If you are looking for ways to connect with eco-conscious customers, giving them sustainable promotional items is a great place to begin.

Sanitation supplies

The pandemic has had a big influence on the kinds of products companies are handing out to their customers. Items like hand sanitising wipes, masks and gloves are frequently being sent out to customers. This is a great way to thank your customers for their loyalty. By showing your customers that you care about their well-being, you can make them feel closer to your brand and hopefully secure their custom for years to come.

Lounging products

Now that more people are carrying out their duties from home, many workers are now ditching traditional officewear in favour of loungewear that helps them to stay snug and comfortable throughout the working day. Some of the most popular lounging garments to have grown in popularity of late include wearable blankets. The increased popularity of wearable blankets has been linked to activity on the social media platform TikTok. Weighted blankets have also become more popular over recent years, with many people citing a reduction in stress levels when they use them. Personalised socks have also grown in demand recently, as have spa kits.

Traditional promotional items

Some promotional items remain in huge demand regardless of what’s occurring in the wider world. Consistently popular promotional items sent out by companies from various sectors include pens, water bottles, coffee mugs, pens, tote bags, stress balls, t-shirts, mobile phone covers and keyrings. When you’re in the process of choosing the right promotional items for your customers, it’s important to seek out items that you think your customers will actually use. If your customers do use your promotional items on a daily basis, they’ll be exposed to your branding repeatedly. This means you’ll be able to establish a constant presence in their lives.

Mugs and bottles

Promotional Sports Bottles in Grimsby

Mugs and bottles are some of the most enduring promotional items that businesses can give to their customers. When your branding features on items people drink out of, they encounter it several times a day. Mugs and bottles are extremely portable too, which means they can even take your branded goods with you when they leave their homes. 


Keyrings have remained extremely popular amongst companies rewarding their customers with promotional gifts. The keyring is just one example of promotional items that’s been able to hold their own over the years and remain just as effective as more modern ideas. 

How can I get my promotional items to my customers?

You can distribute your promotional items in Grimsby to your customers in various ways. Many companies opt to simply send promotional goods to their customers in the post, but you can also hand them out at trade shows, exhibitions and even on your premises. Promotional items tend to deliver an excellent return on investment. This means you have a great chance of recouping the money you spend on these goods several times over. If promotional items were not effective, companies simply wouldn’t spend the vast sums that they do on them.

How Banaman can help

At Banaman, we’re eager to hear from you if you’re ready to invest in high-quality promotional items to bring your customers closer to your brand. We have been a leading supplier of promotional goods for many years. We’re able to offer some of the most competitive prices for promotional items that you’ll see anywhere in the UK. However, this never means cutting corners when it comes to quality. If you’ve been wondering ‘what’s trending in promotional items?’ and want to treat your customers to goods that will serve them well throughout 2022 and beyond, we are here to help.

The promotional items that we supply help you create a real buzz around your brand. They can increase your sales and secure the long-term prosperity of your business. Having been in the business for more than 30 years, we can be counted on to provide you with the promotional goods that your customers desire. What’s more is that we provide an express delivery service, which means we can get your products out to your customers in no time at all.

Contact us

If you’ve found yourself asking ‘what’s trending in promotional items’ and are now ready to place an order or make an enquiry, we are ready to hear from you. Reach us today by sending us a message through our website, calling us on 0800 086 2840, or by sending an email here. We’ll get back to you as quickly as we possibly can. You can also come and visit us in person to buy promotional items in Grimsby between 9.00am – 4.30pm on weekdays.

Tips for Encouraging Repeat Custom

Getting customers to return to your business is one of the key tasks that any customer-facing company has to conquer if they are to be successful. There are a number of ways you can help entice customers to use your business again, and this article will look at the most effective ones.

Exceed customer expectations

The first time someone uses your company, the level of service they receive will inform their decision to use your business again or find somewhere else. Make sure that aside from the quality of your product, the service itself is top notch and makes the customer feel valued. Customers are much more likely to tell their friends or family about your business if the service they received has gone beyond the usual standard, so make sure everything is done to the highest order.

Regular contact

Rather than just accepting your customers’ money and then waiting for them to come back, keeping in regular contact with them can be a fantastic way to make them feel like more than just a source of income. Newsletters, emails, competitions and social media usage can all help in this regard.


Everyone loves a chance to save some money on a purchase, so by offering promotional deals to your customers, you can be sure that they will come to you to benefit from your decreased prices. Whether you’re offering multiple items at a discounted cost or a lower price one product/service, it will be sure to attract people to your company.

Respond to feedback

Showing your customers that you are actively responding to their feedback and acting on it where possible or necessary is one of the best ways to show yourself as something other than a business focused entirely on profit. Implementing customer ideas and helping to ease concerns, if they have any, can go a long way to encouraging them to return.

Reward Loyalty

If you do have customers who regularly use your business, then make sure they are rewarded for doing so. Offers such as discounts, promotional deals or incentives such as rewards for recommending your company to their friends or family. Using a referral scheme such as this can create a knock on effect where people recommend friends and their friends recommend their friends and so on.

Here at Banaman, we are experts in providing high quality promotional products for businesses of all types and sizes. Whether you own a small or large company, our range of products from t shirts to stationery is ideal for your promotional needs. Get in touch today to see how we can help you promote your business.

Trade Shows in Leeds 2015

For promoting your business and expanding your client base, there are few better places to go than trade shows. Leeds is home to many trade shows, catering for a wide range of sectors and this article will provide an overview of the best exhibitions for you to take your business to.

Conference and Hospitality Show

This one day event is geared towards the events and hospitality industry, bringing together people connected with these sectors to talk about the latest technological developments in their fields. This is an ideal event for professionals in these industries, with the demonstrations and information on offer providing an excellent chance for you to stay at the forefront of the advancements in the conference, events and hospitality industries.

Trade Tech FX

Trade Tech FX is taking place in central Leeds over two days in May, with over 200 FX professionals offering expert advice and demonstrations to attendees. It has a wide variety of people from the buy side and sell side, as well as technology vendors and leading industry figures. Featuring the leading technological advances in the trading industry, from bots to apps and even some algorithmic trading programs, there is sure to be something to help your business get ahead in the trading industry.

Care Roadshows

Showcasing the latest care products and processes, the Care Roadshows travel all over the country, passing through Leeds on the 12th May. This is the perfect opportunity for care home owners, managers and staff members to learn about the latest developments in the care industry, allowing them to provide the best possible care for residents and patients.

Skills Yorkshire and the Humber

These events bring together young people, careers advisors and employers in order to help the attendees develop their skills and potentially find employment that is suited to them. Founded in 2007, one of the focuses of this event is to allow for attendees and exhibitors to interact with each other in order to achieve a high level of progress – exhibitors offer apprenticeships, training, jobs, as well college and university courses.

Lighting Fair

A chance for university students and graduates as well as scientists, professors and engineers to present their research to a wide audience of their peers and like-minded people. Taking place at the Leeds Corn Exchange on 26th August, the aim is to help create research networks between Universities and others in the Industrial Products industry.

Here at Banaman, we have dedicated ourselves to providing businesses with the perfect materials to promote themselves to current and potential clients alike. From stationery to baseball caps and t shirts, we can print your company logo or slogan to the highest quality, at excellent prices with no minimum order. Whether you’re a large business or a small independent one, get in touch with us today to see how we can help.


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