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Tips for Encouraging Repeat Custom

Getting customers to return to your business is one of the key tasks that any customer-facing company has to conquer if they are to be successful. There are a number of ways you can help entice customers to use your business again, and this article will look at the most effective ones.

Exceed customer expectations

The first time someone uses your company, the level of service they receive will inform their decision to use your business again or find somewhere else. Make sure that aside from the quality of your product, the service itself is top notch and makes the customer feel valued. Customers are much more likely to tell their friends or family about your business if the service they received has gone beyond the usual standard, so make sure everything is done to the highest order.

Regular contact

Rather than just accepting your customers’ money and then waiting for them to come back, keeping in regular contact with them can be a fantastic way to make them feel like more than just a source of income. Newsletters, emails, competitions and social media usage can all help in this regard.


Everyone loves a chance to save some money on a purchase, so by offering promotional deals to your customers, you can be sure that they will come to you to benefit from your decreased prices. Whether you’re offering multiple items at a discounted cost or a lower price one product/service, it will be sure to attract people to your company.

Respond to feedback

Showing your customers that you are actively responding to their feedback and acting on it where possible or necessary is one of the best ways to show yourself as something other than a business focused entirely on profit. Implementing customer ideas and helping to ease concerns, if they have any, can go a long way to encouraging them to return.

Reward Loyalty

If you do have customers who regularly use your business, then make sure they are rewarded for doing so. Offers such as discounts, promotional deals or incentives such as rewards for recommending your company to their friends or family. Using a referral scheme such as this can create a knock on effect where people recommend friends and their friends recommend their friends and so on.

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