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Writing a Good Company Tagline

A tag line can be an incredibly useful tool for your business, helping it to stick in the minds of existing customers and grabbing the attention of potential ones. However, coming up with the perfect tagline for your company is much more difficult than it sounds, as you need to find one that is the perfect mix of originality and relevance. This article will look into some tips and advice that will help you create the ideal tagline for your brand.

Simplicity is effective

One of the key points to creating a memorable slogan or tagline is simplicity. By using a one-line slogan you can create a phrase that sticks in the mind of those who see it. It can be funny or serious – as long as it’s well worded, succinct and to the point you will have created something that people will remember.

Consider using humour

Using humour to sell your brand can be a wonderful tactic – people will remember taglines that make them laugh just as much as they will remember a powerful, serious slogan. However, humour doesn’t work for all brands – it can detract from the purpose of your business, so make sure that humour and your company or sector work well together before you opt for a joke.

Be honest

Obviously the idea of a tagline is to sell your product or business to consumers, so you need to make it sound as good as possible. However, make sure you stay true to the purpose and quality of your product – don’t make claims that you can’t back up. Claiming your company is the best at something might seem like a smart thing to do, but if you can’t actually prove such a claim then it’s not the best idea for a slogan.

Take your time

It can take many attempts before you come up with a slogan that you feel best represents your business. It can be tempting to use one just for the sake of having a tagline, but just by taking a little extra time to pick your slogan you can reap the rewards. Going over your slogan in stages from the drawing board to the design can help you fine tune the results until you have something you’re truly happy with.

Mention your Purpose

It can help to give those who read your tagline an idea of what it is that you do. It doesn’t have to be a detailed explanation – this is a tagline, after all, it needs to be brief – but if you can think of a succinct way to inform people of your purpose, then you’ll help promote your company even more.

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