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Why you should Use a Mouse Mat

If you are a person who regularly uses a desktop computer, then you have probably used a mouse mat before. It’s not something that you give a lot of thought to – it’s always on your desk, ready to be used. But if you have ever misplaced your mouse mat and had to use your computer without one, you may have noticed quite a considerable difference in how easy it is to use your mouse. As well as making your mouse easier to use, it can also be good for your health. This article will detail some of the key reasons why using a mouse mat can be beneficial for you.

Ease of Movement

One of the more obvious advantages is the way it makes the movement of your mouse much smoother and more accurate. If you use your mouse on the desk with no mouse mat, it is likely to stick on the surface which can get quite annoying if you constantly have to reposition your mouse. A mouse mat will allow for smooth and accurate tracking of the mouse, meaning you never have to worry about clicking on the wrong area of the screen accidentally.

Wrist Support

This is a particular concern for those who use their desktop computer on a daily basis for an extended period of time, perhaps as part of their job. Using a mouse without proper wrist support can cause damage to your wrist, known as Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) and also carpal tunnel injuries. There is a vast range of mouse mats that come with built-in wrist support and these can save you a lot of discomfort when using your mouse for long periods.

Extra Promotion

Like many desktop items, you can use your mouse mat to provide some extra promotion for your business. Your mouse mat can be adorned with your company logo or slogan and handed out to both existing and potential clients/customers, helping you spread the name of your business and keep it fresh in the mind of those who use the mouse mats. Think of it as daily advertising but with minimal effort required.

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