We see them every day, some of us will probably use them every day, but rarely stop to think how promo products actually work in the way they do. Some are certainly more successful than others, and many businesses have tried and tested methods of using products to recruit new customers or promote their latest services. This article will look into why promotional products are so useful for bringing in new business.


Jerry McLaughlin, president of promotional products giant Branders, argues that the reason promotional products are so successful is that ‘if you give something, the recipient is honour bound to give something back’. This system of reciprocation often leads the recipient of your product to invest themselves in your business, through becoming a regular customer or purchasing something from you. If they are already a customer of yours, they will feel valued, and for potential customers they will be drawn to the quality and philosophy of your business (provided your promotional products reflect this).

Positive Association

The recipient will often make a connection between the gift you give them and the quality of your company. The more useful the promotional product is to them, the more likely they are to associate your company with good quality. When deciding on what promotional gifts to give your customers or potential customers, remember that it is not just a case of getting your brand or slogan on a product – offer a useful item and you will reap the benefits. The more they use the item, the more prominent your company will be in their minds when they are looking to purchase a similar item or something that your company specialises in.


The use of carefully selected promotional products can also help tell potential customers more about your business and the way you operate. If you can offer promotional products that are in line with your business operations (for example offering free, high quality printed t shirts if you are a printing company), this can make the recipient feel like you’ve taken extra care with your promotional products, rather than just stuck your brand name or logo to a free product for the sake of it.

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