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What Your Logo Says About Your Business

ets, cars – almost anything we use. There are certain logos that are known the world over thanks to the ubiquity of the product or service they represent – but what was the reasoning behind the design of these logos? Ensuring that your logo conveys the right message about your business is essential – a well designed logo can work wonders for your reputation, just as a poorly designed one can project a negative image of your company.


Logos needn’t be spectacular or complex in their design – in fact, this can often have the opposite effect and make it seem cluttered. For example, the biggest, richest company in the world has one of the most simple logos; Apple’s logo is just that – an apple. With the bite taken out of the logo, it is an icon that is synonymous with quality and the simplistic, minimalist nature of the design mirrors that of Apple’s products. Work out what the key USPs of your business are and see if they can be incorporated into the design of your logo. It shouldn’t be too forced, and sometimes it may not be possible, but it can certainly help to have a symbolic factor to your logo.


There are many tricks you can use to add an extra layer of inventiveness to your logo. Courier company Fed Ex utilises negative space to add a white arrow into their logo – while this may go unnoticed to the untrained eye, once you are aware of its existence, it is difficult to ignore and makes for an impressive logo. What’s more the arrow symbolises movement, which is the ideal symbol for a courier company. Seek out original ideas that you can use for your logo – originality coupled with innovation is a recipe for success.


Striking colours can play a big part in helping you get noticed. The term ‘striking’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘bright’ or ‘garish’, either. Clever uses of contrast can ensure that important areas of your logo stand out. Certain colours provoke feelings and emotions, so consider the relevance of these feelings and whether or not they relate to your business. Bright colours may not suit a logo for a tax company, for example, but for a restaurant or clothing shop they may be the ideal theme.

Choosing the right elements for your logo will ensure that you catch the eye of potential customers and ensure it stick in their minds, perfect for when they need the services of a company in your sector.

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