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Useful Mug Designs

From homes to offices, mugs are stored in cupboards and on desks in order to provide people with a warm drink on a cold day or a morning pick-me-up for those particularly difficult early starts. Whether it’s related to the design, the sentimental value or a unique aspect of the mug that makes it special – there are a number of reasons that certain mugs are favoured by people.

If you choose a mug with a unique design or a special feature, then the chances are it is likely to get used more often. Although it may seem trivial, there is a wide range of different designs and features that can enhance the look and functionality of a mug. This article will look at some of the most unique and useful designs that are on the market today.

Thermal mugs

Taking a sip of your tea or coffee only to discover it has gone cold is an unpleasant surprise, and it can happen all to often, especially if you get engrossed in your work or leave your desk for a short while. With a thermal mug, however, that problem is eradicated and your drink will stay hotter for longer. Thermal mugs are often quite easy to tell apart from usual mugs, as they are often metallic and slightly taller than their ceramic counterparts.



Self Stirring Mug

Stirring a mug of tea or coffee is hardly the most strenuous task in the world, but if you don’t have a spare hand (if you’ve got an especially large tea run to do), then a mug that takes care of this small task for you can be a great help. They work by having a tiny motor at the bottom that stirs the tea, ensuring you can have your drink mixed to perfection at the touch of a button.

Plug Mug

In many offices, a pet hate of employees is when other members of staff take the wrong mug out of the cupboard and use it, leaving you without a mug or having to use a different one. With a plug mug, that problem is no more! Simply take the plug out of the side of the mug, rendering the receptacle useless – no more mug theft!

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