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Top Tips for a Memorable Business Flyer

To ensure a reasonable return on investment when it comes to business flyers, you need to go the extra mile to stand out from the crowd, as well as including key pieces of information to ensure that a potential consumer reads on rather than simply putting it into the recycling bin. Read on for our top tips for a memorable business flyer…

Attention grabbing headlines

The best journalism starts with a great headline, and you shouldn’t approach your business flyer any differently. Of course you want your business name to be a focal point, but to grab people’s attention you need to make sure within the first few seconds they can easily assess if this is a service they would be interested in and are intrigued to find out more.

This could include calls to action to entice them to read on, a discounted offer, or better yet, employing the same tactics many online bloggers use to grab attention. For example a reader is statistically more likely, by 36%, to read the content if a number is mentioned within the headline, such as ‘10 reasons to choose super-loft conversions’, which is quickly followed by a direct address at 21%, ‘Why choosing super-loft conversions is right for you’.

And so that brings us to the length of your headlines – short and sweet is the key. Avoid superlatives and be succinct and your reader is more likely to read on. With this in mind, you should be able to come up with a memorable and enticing headline.

Simplicity is best

As with any advert or text based promotion, the design is just as important as the content. If the design is busy, overcrowded, or simply unclear of its purpose, it can instantly turn away a client. A clean design suggests you conduct your business in the same way – prompt, clear and professional. However that doesn’t mean you need to stick to black and white, readers respond to selective use of colour. An attractive flyer is kind to the eye and can invite positive attention. A bold font can grab attention, but keep the theme clean and simple throughout.

The same goes for the writing style, if it is stuffed with buzzwords, superlatives, or you’ve utilised too many industry terms that the everyday person might not have a full grasp of – you will equally put them off. At this stage you need to outline who you are, what it is you do, and the services you offer. A wall of text is off putting, as is a confusing and over-complicated writing style – the text should match your design – clean, clear and succinct.

Correct grammar and punctuation

If your grammar and punctuation are not correct, you are likely to turn a potential consumer away. It does not reflect well on your business if you do not have the time to spell check your work. Hiring a professional copywriter to check your work or someone equally capable within your own business to take on the task will always be worth your while. A poorly written business flyer can ruin all of the hard work that went into creating a clean design and a catchy headline.

With these core tips in mind, what could a business flyer do for your business?

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