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Three Ways to Distribute Flyers

Designing and printing your flyers is one thing, ensuring that they serve their purpose of promoting your brand is another, and they can’t do that without effective distribution. There are a number of ways you can help your flyers get the attention of prospective customers and this article will look into these methods.

Distribution by hand

There are always opportunities to distribute your flyers, whether you hand them to passers-by in the street or take advantage of any business conventions or exhibitions your company may be present at. The benefit of using exhibitions in this manner is that the people in attendance will at least be familiar with your sector, if not your company. Handing them out in the street can also yield results, but it is unlikely that many people that pass you by will be familiar with your business or industry.

Door to Door

This method means that you don’t have to rely on there being a large amount of people in any one location, such as a town centre. By posting your leaflets through doors, you can dictate how many flyers you hand out and where you distribute them. The downside to this method, of course, is that a lot of homeowners don’t have much time for leaflets that come through their door. However, if you can make your leaflet eye catching and effective, then you may find success.


This method is a similar process to door-to-door, except you don’t have to put the leaflets through the letterboxes yourself! By arranging with your local paper to put your leaflets within their publication, you can get your advertising out to potential customers without having to visit their homes yourself. Some papers may ask for a small payment in order for them to include your leaflet, but it is a worthwhile expenditure when you consider the potential reach of your advertising.

Having the perfect distribution method for your flyers is one thing, but you must make sure that your flyers look the part, too. Contact a professional promotional design agency to help engineer the perfect flyer for your business. By ensuring you have the highest quality leaflet design in sufficient quantity, you can make sure that you have both the right amount of leaflets and the right design to attract maximum exposure and interest.

Above are the three most effective methods that you can undertake when it comes to distributing flyers, each one with its own set of benefits. Decide which one of these suits you the most and then begin your distribution process – if done correctly, you’ll gain great exposure for your brand and hopefully entice some new customers on the way.

About the author: The staff at Banaman in Grimsby have over 20 years of experience in promotional printing and produce a wide range of promotional items including flyers, banners, stationary and clothing.


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