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Three Fun & Funky USB Stick Designs

USB sticks are now commonplace in every office environment. Ideal for storing and transferring important files, they are available with a wide range of storage sizes and styles, so using a USB stick can make your working life much easier. However, the small size of USB sticks can be a drawback as well as a benefit. As they are similar in size to keys, they can be easy to lose. However, if you get yourself a unique, stylish USB stick, you might find you can keep track of it more easily. There are hundreds of cool, quirky designs available to suit your tastes.

Folding USB Sticks

Folding USB sticks are useful in a few ways – they help your memory stick stand out from the others, but the folding end, which tucks away the actual USB connection prevents any dust or dirt getting into the device, which could cause it to fail. A folding USB stick is a great way to make your device more memorable without compromising on safety or practicality.

Film Roll USB Sticks

For a clever and quirky way to store your documents, film roll USB sticks are a great choice. Meticulously disguised as a roll of camera film, these USB devices are a fun way to keep track of those important files. It is very unlikely you’ll have rolls of film hanging off your key ring our lying around your office, so if you do see one, it will more than likely be your memory stick. The design doesn’t limit the storage space either, so whether you need 1gb or 32gb, this faux-film roll is perfect!

Double-Sided USB Sticks

A common annoyance that occurs with USB drives is them not slotting into your computer the first time, despite you being absolutely sure that you’ve turned the stick the right way up. If you do happen to get the stick the wrong way round, trying to shove it into your computer can damage both the USB drive itself and the USB port on your computer. However, with double-sided USB sticks, that problem is no more. Both practical and safer for your devices, these USB drives can save you a lot of trouble and frustration!

Above are three examples of fun and quirky USB sticks that serve as an alternative to a standard one. While there is nothing wrong with a plain USB stick, they can be very easy to lose, especially in an office environment that is likely to have several USB drives in it already. These devices stand out from the crowd and will allow you to keep track of yours, rather than worrying where you put those important documents. At Banaman, our online store is packed with unique USB devices to ensure you don’t have to worry about getting flash drives mixed up again! Have a browse through our site to find out more!

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