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Embroidery Grimsby

What are the advantages of embroidery for business brand?

Embroidery can help strengthen a business’ branding in a variety of ways. As well as increasing brand exposure and helping it stand out from the competition, it can help your company to appear more professional and trustworthy. If you’re wondering “What are the advantages of embroidery for business brand?”, read on. 

Top ways embroidery can boost your brand

Custom embroidery is used by businesses of all sizes to strengthen their brands. When you embroider your company name and logo onto company uniforms and promotional items. It also adds value to your brand, encouraging customers to think about your company in a more positive light. Read on to find out how embroidery can boost your business branding. 

Increase brand awarenessEmbroidery Grimsby

One of the top advantages of embroidery for businesses is that it helps to increase brand awareness. Emblazoning your name or logo onto uniforms so that it is easily visible to your customers can help them to remember your company and make sure it stays in their minds. This method is far more cost-effective than many other methods of advertising, making it a popular option for businesses with various budgets.

By giving your employees embroidered t-shirts, jackets or bags at your next event, you’re essentially giving them a wearable advertisement. Any time they wear them, they’ll boost your marketing campaign. As well as embroidering your company name and logo, you could add website addresses, phone numbers, or various other contact information. 

Improve brand image 

Embroidered uniforms can help to improve your brand image by encouraging customers to view your company as professional and trustworthy. If people see your employees wearing a smart uniform that’s been expertly emblazoned with your business’s name and logo, they’re likely to take it much more seriously. It shows that you have invested in the appearance of staff and care about how they are presented, which gives people confidence in the service you provide. 

Long-lasting results

When considering what are the advantages of embroidery for business brand, think about durability. Embroidered items are far more durable than printed, making them a better investment for your business. They last much longer since the colours don’t fade and the design won’t peel or be prone to damage when the garment is ironed. At Banaman, we aim to ensure that our embroidered items are durable enough to last for many years when given proper care. This not only means that garments will stay looking their best for longer but it can save you money since you won’t need to replace them as often. Embroidered garments can be an excellent investment for your business.

Embroidered vs printed workwear 

Whilst embroidery is a popular way to personalise your workwear, you may also want to consider printing techniques. Printed workwear is sometimes seen as substandard to embroidered workwear due to being less elegant and durable. However, it’s often preferred for promotional uses thanks to its lower cost. Their affordability means that printed garments can be bought in bulk and distributed to clients. 

Printing may also handle more intricate artwork better than embroidery, making it a better option for larger designs and those with bright colours. Printing is often the best choice for t-shirt graphics, especially those with GSM. This is because embroidery is more likely to pull the fabric. Both embroidery and printing have their own benefits which should be carefully considered. 

If you’re not sure if printing or embroidery is right for you, talk to our team. We can advise you of your options. Helping you to choose the most suitable customisation options for your business’s garments and promotional items. 

Embroidery services in Scunthorpe 

If you’re looking for embroidery services in Scunthorpe, look no further than Banaman. At Banaman, we use the latest embroidery machines and the most effective techniques to personalise all types of fabrics. We can customise a variety of garments and accessories, from polo shirts and hoodies to aprons, caps and hats. Whether you want your company name, logo or employee’s names embroidered, we can assist. Our team will carry out all embroidery work to the very highest standards, ensuring a flawless finish for your garments. We can use various fonts with matching or contrasting threads when embroidering your items.

How the embroidery process works  

Although embroidery has been around for centuries, the technique has advanced significantly in recent years. Embroidery involves using thread to sew a digital design such as a business name or logo onto a garment. State-of-the-art embroidery machines are used to achieve a high-quality finish.

The process begins with the digitisation of your logo, with our team using the very latest computer software to manually draw your logo so that it can be read by our innovative embroidery machines. Once your logo has been digitised, we frame up the garment, placing it into the embroidery machine. Next it’s been fitted tightly in place, we can begin the embroidery process, using a combination of thread colours to create the final logo design on the garment.

Once the embroidery process has been carried out, the garment is removed from the machine and checked to ensure it meets our high standards. We always make sure every garment we produce is finished to an exceptional standard. 

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