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Personalised cycling wear in Grimsby

Things to ask before ordering t-shirts

Are you unsure what things to ask before ordering t-shirts? If so, this guide was designed with you in mind. We’ll let you know some of the most important questions to ask before ordering personalised t-shirts in Grimsby. This should help you to avoid making decisions that you’ll come to regret later on. Whether you’re buying t-shirts for yourself, for a company, for your family or for your customers, it’s essential to get all the information that you require so you can make the right choices for your needs.

What do you need your t-shirts for?

Things to ask before ordering t-shirts

One of the first things you need to ask before ordering t-shirts is a question for yourself – what are they for? Are you planning on buying multiple t-shirts from a clothing supplier? Then you need to think about who will be wearing them, where they will be wearing them and what people will be doing whilst they are wearing them. Read on for more things to ask before ordering t-shirts. 

What are your design needs?

If you’re buying t-shirts for your team and you need them to be highly visible, you should consider opting for bright colours and big letters. This will prevent them from being lost in the crowd if customers or clients require their attention. You may not require t-shirts made from high-quality materials if your team will only wear them once or twice.  There are savings to be made here. If visibility isn’t as important as hiding stains and you’re based in the food and drink industry, it may be best to opt for a darker colour. If your staff will be wearing them all day, every day, you’ll need to look for something comfortable, made from higher quality materials.

Are you giving t-shirts to customers?

Perhaps you’re purchasing personalised t-shirts in Grimsby to hand out as freebies for your customers? If so, try to order something that they will enjoy wearing regularly. A great reason for buying t-shirts for promotional purposes is that your customers can become brand ambassadors when they wear them out in public.

How many t-shirts do you require?

You also need to decide how many t-shirts you require before you go ahead and place an order. Buy too few and your needs won’t be met, but purchase too many and you could find yourself spending far more than necessary. Nonetheless, it can be worth purchasing more than you currently need as you may require more in future. Big savings may also be available to you when you buy in bulk.

What sizes do you need?

Getting the right sizes can be tricky. Do you already know who is going to be wearing your t-shirts, you can ask them for their sizes in advance. If you’re not exactly sure what your size requirements are, you could order similar numbers of all the most common sizes.

How will you distribute your t-shirts?

Printed t-shirts Grimsby

Another question you need to ask yourself is how will you get your t-shirts to your recipients? If you’re handing the garments out at an event, you can organise them into sizes so you can access the required t-shirts easily upon request. Are you are sending out your t-shirts through the post? Make sure you use high-quality packing materials so they aren’t damaged in transit. Weatherproof envelopes are a great option if you need to get your t-shirts out to your customers through the mail. It’s a good idea to add your recipients’ names and addresses to a spreadsheet. This will make it easy to source the details that you need when it’s time to post them out.

What kind of design do you need?

The better your t-shirts look, the more people will want to wear them. If you don’t have great design skills yourself, you can always outsource this task to a professional t-shirt designer who can get them looking fantastic. Great design can have a great impact on your reputation. It can convince potential customers that you are worth doing business with. If you want to keep costs down but still wish to use a professional design service, it’s wise to use a smaller number of colours. Even if a t-shirt only uses two or three colours, it can still have a powerful visual impact. Your t-shirts should have a bold design which ensures they are clearly visible even from far away.

Quality promotional t-shirts

At Banaman, we are here for you if you’ve been looking for a list of things to ask before ordering t-shirts and are now ready to go ahead and place an order or find out more. We are one of the UK’s most prominent manufacturers and suppliers of promotional gifts. The t-shirts that we design and supply to our clients deliver a wide range of benefits. They can create a powerful buzz around your business, increase brand loyalty and help you improve sales. We offer some of the most competitive prices for promotional t-shirts in the industry. However, this never means cutting corners when it comes to quality.

Why choose us

Banaman have been a leading player in the promotional clothing and gifts industry for more than 35 years. We can supply you with various products that will help you advertise your brand and improve your relationships with your customers. Whether you have designs in mind or wish to start from scratch, we can provide the products that you require. We can also help if you need to order personalised clothing such as polo shirts, hoodies, caps and hats.

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