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Promotional torches in Grimsby

What are the most popular promotional clothing items?

There are many fantastic reasons for investing in promotional items if you want to increase exposure for your business. Promotional items allow you to create a buzz about your brand and introduce it to people who may have never been aware of it without them. If you’ve been wondering “what are the most popular promotional items?” this article is for you.

What are the main benefits of promotional clothing items?

What are the most popular promotional clothing items?

One of the big advantages of investing in promotional items is that they create brand exposure. A PPAI survey carried out a few years ago found that 90% of people recall the messaging from promotional goods they have received. Repeated exposure to your branding including your logo can keep you in the minds of people that see it and encourage them to become or remain customers. Promotional goods that are actually useful for your clients are great for helping you stay in your customers’ thoughts. If the customer uses your promotional products on a regular basis, this improves their attitude towards your brand.

A cost-effective solution

Another great reason for buying promotional items is that they help you promote your brand in a cheaper way than advertising it online, on the TV and in printed media. They offer a very competitive cost per impression. A cost-per-impression is that expense linked to each time your branding is seen. Research carried out by the BMPA found that 79% of people felt appreciated when they were given a promotional gift. This shows us just how effective promotional products can be when it comes to creating brand loyalty.

Which promotional clothing items are the most popular?

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular and effective promotional items you could consider giving to potential and existing customers.

Promotional t-shirts and hoodies

Personalised Clothing in Grimsby

Promotional t-shirts and hoodies are ideal for pretty much any company aiming to show off their branding and reach more people. They can be worn in and outside of your business premises and make members of your team easily identifiable. T-shirts and hoodies never go out of style and can help customers and employees act as walking advertisements for your brand. Another great reason for opting for t-shirts is they are highly affordable and offer a very modest cost per impression. They also encourage people to start conversations about your brand and tell others about the benefits of buying your products and services. When your team members are all wearing the same apparel, this generates a sense of unity and makes your company seem more professional.


You can add your branding to various types of workwear. Again, this makes team members more visible and creates more exposure for your brand. At Banaman, we offer a wide range of personalised workwear products. Some of the most popular workwear garments that we sell include aprons, chef jackets, masks, hi-vis jackets and vests, work ties, tracksuits and vests.


We are also proud to be one of the industry’s most popular suppliers of personalised sportswear that will get your team looking fantastic. We are a noted source for promotional fitness wear, joggers, headbands, sports bras, tracksuits and vests. Teams that look great tend to perform better, and we can cater for you whether you’re on a tight budget or have more to spend.

Hats and caps

Promotional Baseball caps in grimsby

Hats and caps keep people comfortable whilst ensuring your brand gets the exposure it needs. We can supply you with long-lasting, great-looking caps and hats including beanie hats. These can be worn time and time again before they need to be replaced.

Why choose Banaman for promotional items in Grimsby?

We can provide the quality you deserve if you are ready to invest in promotional items in Grimsby. We have spent many years learning our craft and are a leading supplier of personalised clothing for businesses across the UK. You can count on us to help you create a powerful, unique identity. We can add your logo, employee names, graphics, images and slogans to your personalised clothing. Also, we use the very latest printing and embroidery innovations to get everything looking simply fantastic. The garments that we supply are designed to encourage customers to shop with you time and time again. They are also great for boosting workplace morale too. The clothing we create withstands regular washing and heavy-duty usage.

Embroidery services are also available

Our embroidery service is perfect for you if you want to take professionalism and smartness to another level. There are many fonts to choose from, and we are able to add embroidery to everything from t-shirts and polo shirts to caps, ties and aprons.

A simpler service

The ordering process is so straightforward when you choose Banaman for promotional items in Grimsby. Once you have chosen your design, colour and size, you can add your logos, image or text. You can then move to the checkout stage. We offer clothing from some of the most trusted brands around, and we carry out all personalisation internally. You can rest assured you’ll receive the highest standard of quality when you choose Banaman. If you’ve been asking “what are the most popular promotional items?”, you’ll find a great deal of them within the Banaman catalogue. We are proud to support various payment methods, including Visa, MasterCard and Maestro.

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We are ready to hear from you right now if you are ready to order personalised clothing and promotional items that will get people talking and help you generate more revenue and positive feedback. You can reach us today by giving us a call on 0800 086 2840. You can also send a message via the website. Alternatively, you can contact us by sending a message here


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