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Promotional Products: The Ideal Marketing Tool

Regardless of your target market or the products you provide, well-chosen promotional products can be the ideal marketing tool. They can increase your brand recognition and create a dialogue between your company and the consumer, leading to a higher return on investment than many business owners realise. Here at Banaman, we are the experts when it comes to promotional products, but don’t just take our word for it; we’ve put together this article to demonstrate the ways in which promotional products can market your business, as well as consumer reactions compiled through market research.

As mentioned above, one of the most effective uses of promotional products is to spread brand awareness and recognition. There’s a reason thousands of people shop exclusively at Sainsbury’s or Asda and never switch: people trust what they know and once they have put their trust in a brand they can become incredibly loyal customers.

The first step towards being chosen by a customer is being recognised. For example, at a trade show for home improvements you might have pens for your building firm that specialises in loft conversions. The consumer might not need a loft conversion at that moment, but because they have been exposed to the logo and company name they will have the information at hand should they wish to use it in the future; thereby creating a simple way for small and large businesses alike to promote themselves through customised, inexpensive promotional products.

Promotional Products

The products or services your business supplies might be fairly rigid. The beauty of promotional products is that you can continually renew, invest in, and change which products you give away, and from the first day you trial this method you can begin to hone it for maximum return on investment, such as where and when they are most effectively employed and which consumers are the most likely to need your product or services in future.

They also present an effective method of return on investment. Objects such as pens, mugs, canvas bags and keyrings are valuable to your customers as they can be used time and again and will always be useful. Because they are useable and useful, you can create a lasting impression that can have a positive effect on your brand. However, a word of warning: choosing a cheap product that breaks easily or does not work full stop can be more detrimental than simply never using promotional products at all.

A well-chosen promotional product leaves a positive impression of your company. In a marketing study it was found that 76% of consumers felt favourable towards a company after receiving a promotional product, and 52% did business with the advertiser as a direct result. In terms of statistics for the products themselves, 73% used it at least once a week and 71.6% recalled the advertiser which appeared on their promotional product.

With this in mind, why not give it a try?

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