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Promotional Merchandise for your Band

Trying to get your band noticed can seem like a mammoth task, especially with the innumerable amount of acts that are vying for the attention of the public and record labels alike. However, with a few clever marketing tips, you might soon find yourself ahead of the pack. This article will look at some of the ways that you can promote your band and your music and hopefully give you a helping hand in getting noticed.

Be Unorthodox

What about giving your fans or potential fans some free products to get them on board? Smaller items like lighters and keyrings can be ordered at minimal cost, adorned with your band’s name or logo and given away for free. These can be ordered in any quantity, meaning you can have as many or as few as you want without worrying about minimum orders or breaking the bank. What’s more, the recipients of the lighters will likely use them on a regular basis, not to mention waving them in the air at one of your gigs!


A tried, tested and very successful method of promoting yourself to the wider world, t-shirts allow for a larger design, making your logo or band name much more noticeable. Due to the cost of printing for t-shirts, it is unlikely that you can give them away for free as you could with smaller items like the aforementioned lighters and keyrings. However, for the extra cost you can get a high quality print that fans can wear on a daily basis, not just to any gigs or shows you might play. If the design is good, people will want to know where they can get their hands on one, which is more advertising for you!

Stickers and Badges

Small, easy to use and very cheap to produce, stickers and badges are perfect accessories for your band’s biggest fans. You may have noticed fans of certain genres of bands have their backpacks littered with badges adorned with the logos of their favourite musicians, so why not add yours to that collection? Their low production cost means you can order a large quantity without an eye-watering cost.

Here at Banaman, we are experts in providing the highest standard of promotional printing services: whether you want t-shirts, badges, stationery or keyrings, we can print your band or business logo onto them and supply them to you with no minimum order. For more information, get in touch with us today.

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