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Ideas for a Conference Bag Giveaway

The purpose of a business conference can vary widely; you might be holding a training seminar for a collection of staff from another business, or be hosting a guest speaker which attracts a number of local businesses. Whatever the case, choosing your conference bag giveaway contents carefully will help to promote your business, as well as contain any useful information about the event itself to ensure it is retained once the conference draws to a close.

Business cards

For a low cost, high value item, business cards are excellent. They may have become usurped through the use of social media and websites when it comes to marketing your business, but if your conference delegates have your details to hand after they’ve left, they are more likely to utilise them. Useful information to have on your business cards includes all contact details including any websites you may run, plus the company’s branding. Be that a logo or through the colouring you use, it must be recognisable as belonging to your business.

A high quality branded piece of stationary

It is not befitting at a corporate event to choose flimsy promotional items which your intended audience will not want to use. Investing a little bit extra in an attractive, quality item helps to convey the quality of the product or services available from your business. Stationary is a staple item of any office, and as such is likely to take a place on desks or at home long after the event is over. This helps to spread awareness of your brand, and if you include something short like a phone number or website address, contact details will never be far away should your service or products ever be needed.

Promotional Leaflets

If gift bags are given at the start of the event, leaflets can be a great way to include a schedule of the day’s events. Leaflets help to make sure everybody stays on track, and knows at what time and where events will be taking place – especially helpful if you intend to have a lunch break or hold events in separate rooms. And to ensure the message of your conference is taken home, promotional leaflets are the perfect way for attendees to review any essential information or a summary of the day; and because they’re made of paper they can be recycled once your conference delegates have gleaned all of the useful information from them.

Printed Gift Bags

This may seem obvious, but you will need a bag to actually hold your conference giveaways, otherwise people will have to stash them in pockets, or worst still not take them home at all. The variety of gift bags available range from inexpensive plastic bags, which vary in thickness and quality, to the more expensive but slightly more luxury canvas bags. The key theme is variation, only you know which type of bag is most appropriate for your function, but thankfully there will be something to suit all budgets.

Novelty Items: Lollipops

If you’d like to breathe some life into what can turn out to be a stuffy corporate environment, why not try something a little less ‘business’ and a little more memorable? Branded lollipops are a great way to go. They are low cost, carry your branding, and almost always go down well! And because they don’t fit in with the usual business giveaways they make you memorable, not to mention the fact that everyone enjoys a sweet treat. There are lots of novelty items out there, but beware of being ‘naff’, it won’t go well with your company’s image or branding. Making careful but memorable choices is key; some businesses have included everything from printed teabags to stress balls.


For quality conference bag giveaway items you can count on Banaman. We have specialised in promotional products for over 20 years, so should you need any help and advice regarding any of our products, even if it’s just what might be the most effective for your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.


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