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How Local Sponsorship Can Benefit your Business

For smaller businesses, any boost to your reputation is always very welcome, but it can be quite difficult to find a successful way to do so. One way which can be very helpful to the spread of your company’s name is the sponsoring of a local team, organisation or event. Not only can this be beneficial to your business, but also to the people, place or team you are sponsoring.

Local Teams

Local sports teams, whether they play football, cricket or rugby will all benefit from sponsorship from local businesses. For a small fee, you can have your company name or logo on their shirts, helping promote your brand and giving some extra funds to a local team in the process. If you were to commission a direct marketing campaign for the same local area, you would end up spending far more to get the campaign off the ground. For example, the local team may ask for a donation, or you may choose to contribute to their cause with a gesture such as purchasing their kits.


The amount of money that you donate to the recipient of your sponsorship can be extremely helpful – for teams, this money can help them purchase equipment or kits, and for groups and exhibitions it can help fund the hiring of locations, catering, etc. In terms of benefits to your company, as well as the expansion of your reputation, it can also help you to be associated with helpful and successful events within the community. As well as providing an increase in awareness of your brand, attending the events that you sponsor or events that include teams you sponsor can present wonderful networking opportunities.

Sponsoring a local business, function, team or charity can be a fantastic thing to do as it benefits both you and the receiver of your sponsorship. Choose carefully what you want to sponsor – it may help to choose something related to your line of business. For just a small outlay you can help spread the word to potential customers and partners alike.

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