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Designing a Great Company Logo

It goes without saying that a great company logo is a necessity for anyone who wants to make their business stand out to potential clients and customers. However, there are a number of aspects, tips and dos and don’ts to consider before you set about designing your new logo. This article will detail some of the key points to consider when creating a logo for your business.


While it can be easy to draw inspiration from other brands, it is important that you bring individualism to your logo that sets you apart from other companies in your field. Your logo should be as memorable as it is unique, but it can be difficult to create a logo that stands out and maintains an attractive design.

Relevant for Purpose

For certain industries, there are particular styles and design aspects that suit your company more than others. For example, a company that specialises in mountaineering and outdoor activities might want to use more rugged fonts and capital letters, where as a cake designer will benefit from softer shapes, fonts and colour schemes. If your field of expertise doesn’t match up with the design of your logo, it can be confusing and off putting for clients.

Keep it Simple

Simplicity is an incredibly effective tool in design, and utilising it correctly can make your logo stand out against other, more complex logos. Think about the key aspects of your company and try to include them in the design, something that will stick in people’s minds and enable them to recognise your logo whenever they see it. Nobody will choose your company based solely on your logo, but it can go a long way to persuading them to opt for your services.

Avoid Trends

Like fashion, there are always different trends in design and while they are good for inspiration, you never know how long it will be before they go out of fashion. The best, most memorable logos are ones that have stood the test of time and not fallen victim to any fads or trends. If you choose a font or design based on what is popular at the time, you risk having to update your logo sooner than you think.

Combine Personal Taste with Universal Appeal

While it is important that you appeal to the wider world, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to create a logo based entirely on what other people will like. Mixing aspects of broader appeal with elements that you personally like can certainly help the creative process, and can yield excellent results.

Define your Company

Your logo should not simply be a design that stands out from the crowd – although that is an important part of any business logo, think about the key features and aims of your company and try and incorporate these into the design. This means you have an extra connection to your logo, which gives it a little bit extra authenticity. This isn’t to say that your logo has to be strictly related to your company’s services and ethos, artistic flair is welcomed. After all, you’ve got to catch the eye somehow!

It Should Work Across All Media

If your company is being promoted across both print and digital media, your design must accommodate for the slight variations in these mediums. For example, you may have to shrink your logo down for company letters, so consider whether it will lose any of its design features in this case. In the event that you may need to display your logo in black and white, will it still have the same impact? Consider these scenarios before creating a design that may not work well with differing formats.

Company Bio: Banaman provides professional printing services and promotional products to customers throughout the United Kingdom. We print company logos, taglines and contact details onto clothing, stationary, banners and business cards.

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