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How to Create a Business Card People Will Hold on To

Creating a business card for your company can be a great way to spread the word about your business, providing the cards are produced correctly. There are a number of steps and factors you need to take into consideration when making your business cards, and we’re going to look at some tips to ensure you and your business get the maximum benefit.


  • What does your business do?


Your business card should not be designed to solely get your company name and logo out there. As well as introducing your business, the card should clearly outline what it is you can provide for potential clients and customers. It should be the right mix of informative and concise; space is at a premium so get the key information on there.


  • Perfect design is vital


This almost goes without saying, but the design of your card is equally as important as the information that is printed on it. You want your card to stick in people’s minds, and that can be achieved by a combination of perfect design and well written information. A unique design that relates to your business and doesn’t compromise the text will ensure people remember who you are and what you do.


  • Photos can speak for you


Including a picture in your design can bring a little something extra to your card. A photo that relates to your business and doesn’t detract from the overall design can work wonders. Choose your photo carefully, how does it relate to your business? Also, the quality of the photo is crucial, make sure it is high resolution; pixelated images look unprofessional and cheap.


  • Size: stick to the rules


While it is certainly recommended that you stand out from your competitors in terms of design, the size of your card is something that should remain unchanged. Most wallets have compartments designed to hold business cards, so if your card is of an unusual size, people may not be inclined to hold on to it.


  • Be creative with shape



While the size of your card needs to be conventional, the shape needn’t be. If you can design a card of unusual shape that will increase individuality without compromising information or size, then you’ll find that your company will be one that is easily remembered by potential clients and customers.



  • Use top quality material


This may sound strange, but the material you use for your business card should be of premium quality, and not just card. Don’t use cheap material just for the sake of saving money; a little more expenditure can reap the rewards. If you use material that easily folds and rips, it completely ruins the look and feel of your card and it will soon find itself in the bin. Make sure you use the best available cardstock, ink and colouring to ensure a totally professional look.


  • Different designs for different sectors


As we mentioned, it’s important for your card to stand out from the others. However, not every design is suitable for every type of business. For example, businesses in the more creative sectors may want to incorporate colourful and quirky design, whereas a minimalist approach may be more appropriate for other companies. Consider the ethos and theme of your company when choosing colours and design.

These are just a few tips about creating the perfect business card. Although in this age of technology a simple card may seem outdated, if done correctly it can still be a brilliant addition to your promotional devices. There are many examples of superb business cards floating around, why not make yours one of them?


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