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Why should you personalise your team sportswear?

Why should you personalise your team sportswear?

Are you considering personalising your team’s sportswear? If so, you’re not alone. Many coaches choose to do this due to the various benefits it can bring to their clubs. Whatever sport you play and whether it’s at a professional or amateur level, customising your shirts can contribute to success. Read on to find out why should you personalise your team sportswear. 

Sports Wear in GrimsbyCreate a feeling of unity

Unity is one of the most important factors for both individual and team performance in sports. When players feel that sense of togetherness, they pull in the same direction, striving to achieve a common goal. Personalised sportswear can help to build unity, making everyone on the team feel closer. This creates a bigger desire to succeed on the pitch or court.

Improve team morale

When thinking about why should you personalise your team sportswear, morale is a big factor to consider. When players train and play in the same kit, they all look professional, with no one feeling as if they are less important. If a player feels inferior within the squad, this can impact their confidence during games. This affects the performance of the whole team.

When players wear a shirt displaying the club badge, they feel a sense of pride. They know that they have been trusted to represent their team, making them feel empowered. Players feel emboldened and inspired, boosting team morale. 


Personalised Sports Wear in Grimsby

For any team, being instantly recognisable on the playing field is essential. Both referees and fans can recognise players much more easily. This helps the game to run more smoothly and provides a more enjoyable experience. With personalised sportswear, the logo can be clearly emblazoned, as well as names and numbers if required. 

Personalising sportswear isn’t just important for differentiating teams and identifying players. Doing so can also make the club much more recognisable in a wider sense, boosting its image and brand locally and nationally. Personalising your kit will ensure that people remember your team for all the right reasons. When you invest in the best quality personalised sportswear, your club will be portrayed in the media with branding you can be proud of. Sports clubs have a rich history and prestige, even on a local level, and custom clothing is the ideal way to show this off. 

Be taken seriously by opponents

Don’t underestimate the impact that great looking sportswear can have on your opposition. As your players walk onto the pitch or court wearing expertly personalised shirts or vests, your opponents will straight away expect a tough match. They’ll see that your team is organised and the ‘real deal’. This can give you the upper hand before you’ve even kicked or thrown a ball. To gain the edge before the game has started, make sure your team are kitted out in premium personalised sportswear.  

A sense of style

Kitting out your team with stylish personalised sportswear can have a dramatic impact on their performance. If they know they look good on the pitch, they’ll feel more confident, which will translate into the quality of their play. Imagine a football shirt in strong and powerful colours, elegantly designed with an embroidered logo and printed numbers and letters. Knowing they look their best will give them confidence and self-belief, helping them to play at their best level. 

Buy personalised sportswear online 

Personalised Sports Wear in Grimsby

If you’re looking to buy personalised sportswear in Grimsby, Lincoln, or Scunthorpe, look no further than Banaman Clothing. We supply a wide range of custom sportswear for teams at all levels. We use a range of high-quality personalisation methods to ensure that clothing looks and performs its best for many years. Whether you choose printing or embroidery to personalise your team’s attire, you can expect us to achieve a first-class finish that helps your squad to stand out from the crowd. 

A huge selection of custom sportswear

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers of personalised sportswear, you can rest assured that Banaman Clothing can meet your needs. We stock sports clothing and apparel in various styles, ranging from tops and vests to joggers and tracksuits. We also supply sports bras, headbands, and other accessories to enhance your game. Whether you need attire for football, rugby, netball, basketball, running, or any other sport, we can assist. Our sportswear is manufactured to the highest possible standards from quality materials, ensuring it can live up to the demands of even the most strenuous sporting activities.

How do you personalise sportswear?

At Banaman, we’ve been personalising sportswear for many years, giving us a huge amount of expertise. We can customise garments in a variety of ways, from printing player’s names and numbers onto the back of shirts to embroidering team badges. Personalisation work is carried out to the highest possible standards, with top of the range equipment ensuring that a first-class finish is always achieved. Whether you’re looking for elegant embroidery that will stand the test of time or budget-friendly printing that looks fantastic, we can assist. Our sportswear is available in a vast range of colours too, ensuring that you can achieve the look you really want.

Contact us 

Now that you know why should you personalise your team sportswear, why not get in touch to place an order? Call 0800 086 2617 to speak to one of our friendly advisors. We can discuss your requirements with you and talk you through your options to help you select the right personalised sportswear in Grimsby, Lincoln, or Scunthorpe. We have an excellent knowledge of the clothing products in our catalogue and can offer you expert advice that’s tailored to your needs. You can also fill in our contact form and we’ll get back to you right away.

The importance of branded uniforms

The importance of branded uniforms [Infographic]

More and more businesses are investing in branded uniforms for their staff. Not only do they strengthen your company identity and allow you to present a professional image to your customers but they can also improve employee work ethic and boost productivity. Read on to discover the importance of branded uniforms for your workforce. 


The benefits of branded uniforms for your staff

Branded uniforms can be a fantastic investment for your company, whatever industry you’re in. Whether you run a hotel or restaurant, a shop or a cleaning company, uniforms personalised with company colours, your logo, or staff names can benefit your business in so many ways. Keep reading to learn the importance of branded uniforms for employees. 

Present a professional image

When it comes to your business, it goes without saying that you want to look professional. Therefore, it makes sense to invest in branded uniforms. Not only do they boost your credibility but they also show people that you and your team believe in yourselves. Showing pride in the service you offer means your customers are more likely to have confidence in you. They will trust you to provide a decent service. At Banaman, we supply personalised workwear in Grimsby and Lincoln that helps you present your business in a positive light.

Achieve a cohesive look

When you invest in branded uniforms, you can ensure that there’s a cohesive look running throughout your company. Each staff member will be easily identifiable as part of your business, making sure people know who to approach. Cohesion is important since it gives your brand a consistent appearance that not only looks professional but also eases confusion for the public should they require help or support. 

Branded uniforms can be customised in various ways, with subtle changes to accommodate different aspects of your business. For example, uniforms could be made to highlight senior staff or specific roles such as cleaning or kitchen staff. 

Build a sense of belonging

Wearing branded uniforms can benefit your staff psychologically. They can create a sense of belonging for employees, making them feel more part of a team. Branded uniforms instil a feeling of solidarity in the workplace, helping to build team spirit and a more collaborative working environment. Since everyone will be on a level playing field in terms of their attire, everyone will feel valued and an important member of the team. As a result, morale and productivity will improve as a result.

Create a feeling of pride

When staff look and feel smart in their branded uniforms, they’ll feel proud to work for your company. Employees who feel a deep sense of pride in their work are also more focused and motivated, which means they’re also likely to be more productive. As well as being more able to achieve high standards and goals, they’re more effective at overcoming challenges at work. 

To help employees to feel more proud of their branded uniforms, we recommend making them a part of the process. Ask them what sorts of workwear they’d prefer or what styles they’d be most comfortable wearing. This can help you ensure that the needs of preferences of your workforce at being met and is more likely to generate a positive judgment of the end uniform. 

Improved security and health and safety 

When considering the importance of branded uniforms, security and health and safety may not immediately spring to mind. However, the ability of people to clearly distinguish between customer and staff shouldn’t be underrated. Your customers and visitors should be able to clearly tell who works for your company. This is particularly important in situations such as evacuations due to a fire alarm sounding, for example. Or if a customer has had an accident on your premises and needs to find a member of staff as quickly as possible. 

When staff wear branded uniforms that make it clear they work for your company, they become easily recognisable when customers need them. Rather than blending in with other customers, they become more accessible and able to deliver a higher standard of customer service.

Branded uniforms to suit all needs and budgets 

Branded uniforms are available to suit all needs and budgets. So, whatever your requirements are and however much you can afford to spend, you can expect to find the perfect attire for your workforce. At Banaman, we can cater to your needs, offering exceptional branded workwear at highly competitive prices. Speak to our team to discuss your workwear requirements in detail.

Printing and embroidery options

At Banaman, we provide printing and embroidery services to personalise workwear of all kinds. From t-shirts and hoodies to chef jackets and aprons, we can customise uniforms for staff working in a variety of industries. Our team use the latest, most up to date equipment to personalise workwear. This ensures that the designs on your garments will stand the test of time. 

Whilst printing is often more affordable and can be used to produce complex designs in a range of vivid colours, embroidery usually gives a longer-lasting, more elegant finish. Embroidery refers to the process of stitching a design directly onto the garment using a computerised machine. Whichever method you choose for uniform branding, you can expect to receive a first-class service from the team at Banaman.

Contact us 

If you require personalised workwear in Grimsby, Lincoln, or Scunthorpe, look no further than Banaman. We offer a fantastic selection of personalised clothing for the commercial sector. We can provide both printed and embroidered attire for staff in various industries. To get in touch, call us on 0800 086 2617. You can also send us a message via the contact form on our website and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.  

Embroidery in Grimsby

Printing or embroidery – which is best?

Are you in the process of ordering workwear for your staff? If so, one of the questions you might face is whether to choose printing or embroidery to personalise the clothing. Whilst these processes are suitable for any garment, they have differences in terms of appearance, longevity, and cost. Read on to find out between printing or embroidery, which is best.

Printing vs. embroidery for workwear 

Personalising your workwear can help set your business apart from the crowd, helping to develop your brand identity, improve your employees’ performance, and build trust with your customers. Printing and embroidery are two processes used to customise workwear such as shirts, aprons, and hi-vis jackets and vests. We offer them both here at Banaman Clothing, with our team using the most up to date equipment to deliver high-quality personalised garments that stand the test of time. When it comes to printing or embroidery, which is best for you depends on your needs, tastes, and budget. 


Printed T-Shirts in Grimsby

Many businesses choose printing for their workwear. Not only is this process affordable but it can produce unique and complex designs using a range of vivid colours. At Banaman, we use the best quality printing machines, ensuring the end result is just as you envisaged. There are many different print techniques that can be used to personalise your workwear. The traditional screen method is still common across the UK due to the great results it provides. 

However, many suppliers are gradually replacing this technique with the DTG (Direct-to-Garment) process. As the name implies, DTG printing involves emblazoning the image straight onto the garment from the computer image. This is performed using specialised aqueous inkjet technology. Many people believe that this enables more flexibility and creativity than conventional screen printing. 

A wide range of fabrics are suitable for printing, including cotton, polyester, and sportswear. However, it’s true that printed designs usually work best on smoother fabrics. Print quality sometimes deteriorates on fabrics with courser surfaces. Embroidery on the other hand works well with a wide variety of materials. 

Printing is often preferred for promotional uses due to its low cost. Printed garments can be purchased in bulk to be distributed to clients due to their fantastic value for money. The printing process may also handle intricate artwork better than embroidery, working well with larger designs and handling bright colours nicely. Printing is a popular choice for t-shirt graphics, particularly those with GSM since embroidery is more likely to pull the fabric.


Embroidery Grimsby

Embroidery is the process in which a design is stitched directly onto a garment using a computerised machine. We use state of the art industrial embroidery machines and the highest-quality threads to ensure we always achieve an excellent, long-lasting finish. Your logo or slogan is digitised and then submitted to the machine, with the embroidery process starting once instructions such as the colour of the threads have been submitted. 

The main benefit of choosing embroidery overprinting for your workwear is that it’s usually more durable. Embroidered workwear is likely to last a long time, retaining its professional appearance for the lifespan of the garment. Embroidery is usually best for creating logos or slogans on thicker garments, such as polo shirts or jumpers. Embroidery on workwear tends to cost more than printing, however, the longevity it offers makes it cost-effective. 

Many people feel that embroidery adds an extra element of class to staff uniforms, helping a brand to stand out when worn by customer-facing staff. Embroidered uniforms may be more suitable for staff working in more formal settings. 

What kind of business are you?

One of the biggest things to consider when choosing between printing and embroidery for workwear is that what type of business you are. Whilst both processes come with benefits, the differences between them mean they won’t both be suitable for all companies. You need to consider the sort of impression you want to give your customers and which personalisation method can help you achieve it.

For example, whilst a student bar that wants to emit a relaxed, fun vibe might benefit from large, colour print on staff t-shirts, a high-end restaurant would probably benefit from its staff wearing embroidered shirts and blouses that give off a more professional impression. Whilst both establishments want to showcase their brand to new people and their customers to know who their staff members are, they require different methods of workwear personalisation to do this.  

What is your budget?

Since embroidery is more affordable than printing in many cases, it’s important to consider your budget when ordering personalised workwear in Scunthorpe, Grimsby, or Lincoln. However, it’s also important to keep in mind that embroidery is more durable than printing in many cases, which means you’re less likely to have to replace garments as often due to logos becoming worn or damaged over time. 

Whether you opt for printing or embroidery, we strongly recommend choosing the highest quality fabrics available to you. They last longer and the end result will look better once the garments are personalised. At Banaman, we’re able to source garments from many different leading manufacturers at a range of prices. We’re confident we can provide you with the quality workwear you can afford. 

Contact us 

Banaman Clothing supplies high-quality personalised workwear in Grimsby, Lincoln, and Scunthorpe. If you need any information about our garments or if you still can’t decide between printing or embroidery which is best, get in touch. Call us on 0800 086 2840 to talk to one of our friendly team. You can also fill out our contact form on the website if you prefer. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can. We’ve been working in the personalised clothing business for many years and we can answer any questions you may have. 

Not sure what you need? Call one of our friendly advisors on: 0800 086 2840