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How can promotional items promote your business?

CalendarsInvesting in promotional items can be a great way to promote your business by spreading brand awareness. Here at Banaman we’ve been supplying and producing promotional products for over 20 years making us true experts of the industry. As such we understand how promotional items can promote your business and how to choose the right items for you. Visit our blog for more information on choosing the right items for you. In the meantime read on for more information about how promotional items can benefit your business.

If your office dress code is formal and client interaction is limited to your sales team, giving your staff a free t-shirt or hooded top emblazoned with your branding to wear outside of work (should they wish to), will effectively be providing you with free advertising. The same goes for anything clients or staff will wear or use on a daily or occasional basis. There are a huge variety of promotional items you can have embellished with your companies branding. This allows you to choose a mix of items appropriate to different environments; this could be a t-shirt to give away at a student fair or pens within your headquarters for clients to use and take home – pens are always useful and desirable products.

An example of this in action is the Jane Norman clothing store. Jane Norman invested in high quality bags to house the products sold to customers. Because these bags are durable and attractive customers have continued to use them time and again. Thus not only have Jane Norman profited from the sale of a product; they have spread awareness through investment in an item to promote their business when a lower quality bag would have sufficed.

To maximise the return on your investment you should take advantage of the economies of scale. Buying your chosen promotional product in bulk will give you a larger discount per item, and if your business can afford to make a larger investment in the short term, you will reap the benefits in the long term.

You are unlikely to change your branding within the first 5 years, if your business is a new start up, or if you are an established brand trying to move into a different market segment. In either case your investment will not be wasted as you can use the promotional items for many years to come. This also means you won’t run out of your items prematurely and are prepared in advance should you decide to attend an event under short notice to spread public awareness of your business.

Try using promotional products in your marketing campaign for maximum brand exposure; it could be the boost your business needs.

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