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5 Useful Promotional Items

Are you looking for useful promotional items? Promotional items can be incredibly effective when it comes to creating a buzz around a business and bringing customers closer to a brand. There are many kinds of products you can opt for when you want to invest in useful promotional items. Let’s take a look at 5 useful promotional items that are available to you right now.

USB sticksHow are Promotional Products Made from Recycled Materials?

USB sticks are incredibly practical and versatile. They are highly portable and can easily fit inside someone’s pocket. They can be used to store documents, photos, music and other digital files. It’s a great idea to have your branding added to a USB stick as people will be exposed to your logo every time someone uses or carries the item. USB sticks also have a very long lifespan. They can potentially last for years before they need to be thrown away.


Bags make very useful promotional items as they tend to be used every day. They are ideal for a range of activities, including sports, shopping, travelling and commuting. Bags can be great for promoting your business. They have a large surface area where you can showcase your logo, slogan or design, allowing you to display your brand prominently. Again, a bag can be used for many years before it needs to be replaced, which means it will keep your business in people’s minds for a long time to come. 


Mugs are part of most people’s day-to-day lives and can be seen around most homes and offices. They can be used for hot drinks like tea, coffee and hot chocolate as well as cold drinks including juice and for snacks like soup and noodles. As they are used so often, mugs can generate repeated exposure for your brand. You can also customise them with various colours, designs and messages. This helps you to create a truly unique and memorable promotional item. Another great reason for choosing mugs when you want to invest in promotional items is that they can be highly cost-effective. This is particularly likely to be the case when you buy them in bulk.


Coasters serve a very practical purpose, protecting surfaces from drink condensation and heat. They are incredibly useful when it comes to damage prevention and can also boost the visual appeal of a space. They are small and easy to distribute at events and through the post. You can add not only your logo but other details to them. These could include your contact details or a slogan. Although coasters may seem rather subtle in comparison to other types of promotional items, they can be very effective. 

Personalised give away pens GrimsbyPens

Pens remain incredibly popular and useful tools in homes and offices. They are ideal for people who like to take notes throughout the day and are often passed around in different environments, making them very effective at creating brand exposure. There are many pen styles to choose from too, which means it should be easy enough to find an option that works for your brand. 

When you’re looking for promotional items, it’s very important to think about the needs and preferences of your target audience. Well-designed, useful promotional items can boost brand visibility and leave a positive impression on current and new customers. They have an excellent track record when it comes to building brand loyalty and business growth.

Now you have read about these 5 useful promotional items, you may be wondering how to find the best promotional goods supplier for your needs. If you are seeking a quality supplier of promotional items in Scunthorpe, look for one with a great deal of experience and a positive reputation. The supplier should have a proven track record in the industry and plenty of good reviews online.

The supplier should also offer a wide range of promotional items to meet a host of needs. Look for a company that has a wide selection of goods to choose from and ask to see past examples of their work if you haven’t already. This will give you a good idea of what to expect when they create your promotional items for you. You should also find out what the company’s pricing, lead times and minimum order quantities are before you go ahead and place an order.

Who can help when I need access to promotional items in Scunthorpe?

At Banaman, we have an excellent reputation when it comes to manufacturing and supplying promotional items in Scunthorpe. We have worked closely alongside a wide range of clients from various industries to help them access the best promotional goods for their requirements. Although we offer some of the most competitive prices in the industry, we never cut corners when it comes to quality.

We have almost 40 years of experience in the promotional items industry. We are passionate about bringing our clients and their customers closer together. To do this, we create useful, long-lasting, high-quality bespoke branded goods. The promotional items that we create for our customers boost brand awareness and loyalty considerably and make their customers and employees feel incredibly valued too. Perhaps you do wish to invest in promotional items in Scunthorpe but need help with deciding which goods will be the most suitable for your business. If so, don’t hesitate to get in touch for further assistance.

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