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5 Useful Promotional Items

Promoting your brand or business successfully can be quite a difficult task, as coming up with an original, effective marketing campaign is much easier said than done. However, you do not need to create a large scale advertising strategy to help people remember your company – there are plenty of smaller, more subtle ways that you can achieve this. This article will look at some simple ways you can promote your brand without an enormous marketing campaign.

Items that people are likely to keep on their person or use on a regular basis are perfect for marketing your brand. By using something adorned with your logo every day, they will be constantly reminded of your company and this is a great way to keep your brand fresh in their minds.

Shoe Polish Kit

A perfect choice for those in the travel industry, a shoe shine kit will be regularly used by those for whom a pristine appearance is a vital part of the job. By placing your company logo or slogan on a shoe shine kit, they will associate your brand with the usefulness of the product and your name will stick in their minds. This can lead to word of mouth promotion, which can be incredibly effective in bringing in new customers and clients for your business.

Lip Balm

Lip balm can be found in pockets and bags everywhere, it is a very useful item and as such it is a perfect subtle advertising method for your brand. By using such a ubiquitous item to advertise your company, you are ensuring a constant presence which equates your brand with the usefulness of the item.


It is surprising how effective promotional items can be even when they are small. While it may be tempting to opt for bigger items, such as clothing, opting for a smaller yet more useful item can be just as effective. A cup of tea or coffee at the desk is a vital part of the day for many people, so by creating some promotional coasters you can ensure that your company name, logo or slogan is constantly nearby and as a result sticks well in their mind.


A hugely important piece of equipment for the day to day work of millions of people, a simple biro or marker pen with your company logo or branding on can be an incredibly effective marketing tool for companies of all sizes. Even though it may not seem like something people notice, by using a product with your name on every day they will be constantly reminded of your business, bringing you into their thoughts whenever they need to use services that you provide.

USB Sticks

Available in a range of sizes, USB sticks are a now-ubiquitous tool for almost everyone who works with a computer. One of the key features about a USB stick that makes it a great promotional item is the fact that they can be taken everywhere –attaching them to keyrings means that they are always in possession. Consider applying your branding to unusual-shaped USB sticks for an extra bit of impact in your promotion.

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