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5 Useful Keyring Items

Besides helping to minimise the risk of losing your keys, a keyring can also be modified to provide assistance in other aspects of your day to day life. While this may seem like a trivial issue, there are a number of different ways this ubiquitous accessory can be enhanced.  This article will detail some items that you can attach to your keyring to, giving   some more purpose to this under-appreciated tool.

Trolley Coin

When taking a trip to the supermarket, the last thing you want to be doing is digging around in your wallet, purse or pockets for a £1 coin to put in a trolley. Having a trolley coin attached to your keyring will save you that extra bit of hassle, something which you may appreciate during a busy shopping trip!

Bottle Opener

Another tool that can save you a lot of hassle is a bottle opener. While it may seem like it doesn’t have much purpose on your keyring, being at a party and having nothing to open your drinks with can be a disaster. There are a range of compact bottle openers available so you can implement this tool on your keyring without making it unnecessarily bulky.


Memory sticks are usually quite small and as such are very easy to lose. However, by attaching your USB device to your keyring, you can be sure that you always have it close by and any important files are safely in your possession. A lot of USB devices are designed with keyring storage in mind, so make sure you choose a memory stick which will allow you to attach it to your keyring.

Mini Torch

It’s a common situation; you arrive home at night, dig your keys out of your pocket and then spend a minute or so desperately trying to locate the lock on your door/car. By attaching a mini torch to your keyring, you will see the end of this problem without having to carry around a full size torch everywhere you go.

Key Finder

Owning a key finder can be a lifesaver for those moments when you need to rush out of the house but you can’t find your keys. Two sensors, one which is attached to your keyring are linked so that if you have misplaced your keys, simply press the button your other keyring finder and the sensor that is attached to your keys will beep. This will help you track down your keys and allow you to get to work on time.

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