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5 Bizarre Promotions That Worked

Making sure you stand out from your competitors when you are marketing your company is an huge challenge with no set formula for success. There are a seemingly endless number of ways you can choose to market your business, whether you are a fledgling start-up company or a well-established organisation. This article will look at some of the more leftfield marketing campaigns that have yielded results for businesses.

Heineken – Walk-In Fridge

What started off as viral video online in 2009 soon came to life as Heineken took their walk-in fridge idea to beer festivals and allowed people to re-create the video. By taking a viral idea and making it a reality, Heineken brought their brand to their customers and gained new ones, providing an immersive and successful marketing experience.

Target Lightshow

American retail giant Target illuminated the streets of New York with a fantastic lightshow. Renting street-facing rooms in the Standard Hotel in New York, Target opened the curtains revealing dancers in luminous suits who were accompanied by a soundtrack from DJ Sam Spiegel and a vibrant catalogue of lights. The campaign reached 3,000 people on street level and yielded 12.6 million Google hits.

Global Warming Awareness Campaign

A campaign to raise awareness of a serious cause was devised by Offsetters, an organisation specialising in helping companies cut their carbon emissions. They suspended life-rafts on the side of high rise buildings in the city, set up ‘lifeguard on duty’ signs and put lifeguards ‘on duty’ in parks. All of this was to highlight the effect that global warming could have on our cities should we not take care of the environment. The resulting coverage in countless media outlets and blogs meant that their campaign reached a huge amount of people, helping to spread their message.

FM 96.3 – Free Air Guitar

While giving away real guitars for free would cost an eye-watering amount of money, Glasgow radio station FM 96.3 came up with a novel alternative that helped put their name on the map. By setting up empty guitar racks with a ‘free air guitar’ sign, the station helped promote their rock ‘n’ roll theme and inform rock fans of the new station. At very little cost, FM 96.3 gained a lot of coverage on blogs and social media.

MINI’s Porsche Challenge

In 2010, car manufacturer MINI, owned by BMW, challenged German car giant Porsche to a race via YouTube. While Porsche did not ultimately accept the challenge, the video soon went viral, and Japanese manufacturer Hyundai got involved in the act. The stunt generated thousands of views and hundreds of blog posts from industry writers, creating valuable publicity for MINI and, perhaps most importantly, Hyundai, the smaller manufacturer of the three.

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