Now that 2016 is fully underway, people across the world are attempting to stick to their new year’s resolutions, with varying degrees of success. However, as well as the traditional ‘eat more healthily’, ‘do more exercise’ and ‘save more money’ resolutions that people often opt for, there are a number of resolutions you can undertake to improve your business.

Website Revamp

Web design is an area that is constantly innovating, with designers and developers finding new ways to make websites look and feel modern, attractive and easy to navigate. If your company’s website is outdated, it can portray your business negatively, as well as putting people off using your site. Revamping your website can work wonders for your business, particularly if you have an e-commerce function, so consult a design agency to see how they can create a site that best reflects your company.


There are countless ways to market your company, with viral advertising and marketing campaigns turning heads and attracting customers, but there are very few methods as tried and tested as networking. Go to exhibitions, conferences and conventions and meet others in your sector or in different sectors – making these connections can work wonders for your business, as there will be someone who knows someone who knows someone who can really help your company grow.

Increase Customer Loyalty

A good way for your business’ reputation to spread and grow is via word of mouth, or, as is the case in today’s tech-centric world, sharing on social media. However, this sharing is done by real people, your customers, so it is imperative that you reward them for playing their part in the growth of your business. By offering incentives for sharing your product or recommending your business to their friends, coworkers and peers, you can see an upturn in the amount of shares that your business receives.

Connect with Customers

Something that can be off-putting for customers is when they are treated like faceless consumers by the companies they buy their products from. A personable approach to your customers can work wonders, as it makes them feel valued and shows that your business cares about their needs, not to mention the personable language making a change from the standard marketing speak and terminology that we are often bombarded with.

There are a number of ways that you can help improve your business, and the above tips are just a few of the most effective ways you can build your brand and increase your customer base.

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