Of all the challenges that face businesses, no matter what size, one of the most pressing issues is how you make your company stand out above your competitors. There have been countless methods that have been tried by businessmen throughout history, with many failing and many succeeding. This article will look at the best methods for helping your business get the edge on your competitors.

Social Media

Social media is a limitless platform that can expand your business to customers in an instant. Twitter and Facebook are particularly good examples of this, as they allow you to share a multitude of posts, from photos to videos and polls that your customers and followers can interact with. This can be a very productive way of promoting your business and offers to existing and potential customers alike. What’s more, social media lends itself very well to a cyber version of word of mouth, with people sharing to audiences of hundreds, thousands and even millions. It can also help you project a personable, accessible image to people, rather than coming across as a business focused on profit or sales.


Competitions are sure to draw the attention of potential customers, as the lure of winning free things or experiences can prove to be irresistible. By incentivising people to engage with your business by running giveaways and competitions, you can leave a lasting impression on them, as long as your prizes are good! For competitions on sites like Facebook, you can gain more followers and a larger audience by requiring people to ‘like’ your business’ page before they can enter competitions that you run.

Online Reviews

By signing your company up to a review site, customers can leave their thoughts on your service online in a way that will help boost your search rankings when you receive positive reviews. A study by Moz found that review signals make up one of the five most important factors in search ranking – the others are business signals, external location signals, link signals and finally on-page signals. The study also found that for local search rankings, reviews may carry more authority than social signals such as Facebook likes and Twitter followers.


The internet is full of opportunities for you to grow your business and help it stand out from your rivals. Using the above suggestions wisely can see your audience grow and your potential sales increase.

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