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The Benefits of Using Promotional Mugs

When thinking of products and methods to promote your business or organisation, a promotional mug should be high on your list. While they may not be as common or traditional as business cards, promotional mugs have a number of benefits that you may have overlooked.

Putting your brand on a promotional mug ensures that people will see it every time they make a cup of tea or coffee, so your company will always be visible. Mugs last a lot longer than business cards (providing they aren’t dropped and smashed), and there is a likelihood that once you give someone a business card it will just remain in the depths of their wallet or bag for a long time.

A mug is unlike a business card in that it serves a purpose other than promotion. If you give someone a mug with your company or organisation’s name on it, they will actually be able to use it in their daily life, meaning they’ll subconsciously notice your logo every day.

Here at Banaman we can provide you with everything you need to make sure your promotional mug stands out from the rest. When you think of a mug you may think of a plain white one, but we can create full colour prints for you to ensure your mugs get noticed. We have mugs available in a range of styles, all at affordable prices, and there’s no minimum order, so we can cater for the smallest business to the largest. The range of mugs that we can provide for you consist of:

  • Cambridge
  • Sparta
  • Prado
  • Classic
  • Bell
  • Travel Mug

The range of mugs means that you can extend your promotional material to businesses of all kinds, and the variety on offer means more exposure for you and your business. Your brand name will be sitting on people’s desks every day and it will become the first name they recommend when asked about the product or service you offer.

One of the most prominent benefits of using promotional mugs to boost your business’ profile is the cost: the low production expenditure means you can afford to give your clients these mugs for free, and everybody likes getting free things!

At Banaman we recognise that your promotional items are what represent your brand to your clients, so we provide you with products that are finished to the absolute highest quality. Whether you need 100 mugs for a large promotion or 10 for a small one, we will ensure you get swift, professional service and design to maximise your promotional potential.

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